About pages always give me anxiety, what to put on the page, what to leave out? The process can be quite nerve wrecking. I am a content creator, writer, and social media manger. In short, I’m from Brooklyn N.Y, I attended and graduated from the University at Buffalo where I majored in Sociology and minored in Marketing. I wanted to be the female Diddy when I graduated so I interned at record labels, worked at music management companies, and popular blog sites. For some strange reason the year I decided to graduate college was the year the recession hit. Nobody wanted to hire me with benefits and give me a 401k. I took what I learned working and interning at all those companies and started my own site Dorm Room Television.

I gained a lot of knowledge helping other blogs and media companies thrive. I got my hustle on, helping small businesses with their social media while running a site that is geared to college students and millennials of color. I realized my passion is writing and telling stories, I wrote my first short film “The River Jordan” with little knowledge on filming and directing. I decided to learn more about filming and editing, I took classes and became a certified producer, editor, and videographer at BRIC Media. I began writing for other blogs sites and created my own connections. Using the power of digital media, a few good connects, and a lot of hours behind a computer I started to make a name for myself and people took notice to the girl who loved talking about social media, social issues, and Beyonce. I host events, speak on panels about life after college, life as a blogger/writer, and social issues pertaining to Black women and how we are viewed in the media.

At my core I am a story teller, no matter what the medium is, an interview, a blog post, a book, a movie, or a panel discussion I believe that our stories need to be told. I use all of those mediums to tell our stories. African American women and girls in particular is where I use my voice to raise awareness to discuss our issues.

On my site you will see posts about Mental Health, Education, Entertainment, Women Empowerment, and of course some sprinkles of Beyonce here and there. My goal is simple, to educate, inform, and start the conversation. I created the Sistah Girls Newsletter (A positive newsletter for Women of Color) I also run the Sistah Girls Book Club, this is where we get our read on and connect with authors of color who are telling our stories. Feel free to take a look around, this space is super chill and judgment free. I am the Sistah Girl next door that will let you borrow some sugar.

If you want to connect with me feel free to email me at shareehereford@gmail.com Don’t be a stranger!

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