Sistah Girls, we are all stuck in the house since COIVD-19 hit–well most of us. If you’re anything like me you are patiently waiting for the country to safely open back up so we can resume some form of normalcy.

I live in New York City so everything is still closed that has not been deemed essential by the state. Since I’ve been sitting up in my room like Brandy, I’ve had nothing but free time to watch a bunch of YouTube videos to try and recreate what the girls have done.

I’m sharing my list of purchases I’ve made on Amazon that has helped me in the health, beauty, and entertainment department. This is the ultimate Sistah Girls Quarantine Kit.


Sis, you’ve got to get to work on Myra’s feet lol. I purchased this foot spa/massager because it heats up, you can change the temperature, and it has massage rollers. I might throw a glow stick in it so I can feel like I’m at the salon.

I ordered three packs of these–don’t ask me why *sigh*

I really love that this pedicure set comes with everything you need + a little bag and plastic container. The stuff is durable it doesn’t feel cheap.

This small set is super durable and has some weight (not flimsy). The set above is specifically for pedicures and this one is for both.

I don’t like the foot files that come with any pedicure kits so I purchased this because this is what they use at the salons.

If you’ve ever gotten a pedicure then you already know this scrubber goes hard in the paint AND they come four in a pack with a drawstring pouch.

You can use this sugar scrub on any part of your body BUT I will use it when I scrub my feet for my pedicure. It smells sooo good and it leaves your body feeling super soft.

DIY Sugar Wax Items

I have very sensitive skin so I can’t use any type of wax on my body. I did some research and ran into the DIY sugar wax, now before you say HELL TO THE NO, watch the YouTube video. The items below are what I purchased, the rest of the items you can purchase at your local grocery store (brown sugar, lemon juice, and water).

I plan on making the soft sugar wax so I needed waxing strips.

I came super close to buying a box of popsicles to use the sticks but these are so good. They are long and thick, perfect for waxing.

One of the steps in preparing for a sugar wax is putting powder on your skin so it’s dry. It’s suggested you use Talc-free powder so this is the one I purchased.

If you plan on using it on your face you have to exfoliate.


I’ve been taking my vitamins (eating my rice and cabbage) and trying a lot of natural/organic foods and drinks to keep my immune system boosted. I’ve ordered sea moss from Vital Vegan (they are out of stock but it will be back in a week).

I’m also going to make Golden Honey, it’s a natural antibiotic that the Hood Healer (S/O to Cassy B. for putting me on) suggested to make. Below are the items I ordered to make, the rest of the items you can purchase at the grocery store. I also purchased some Elderberry pills.

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There is Oregano Oil and then there is Organic Oil Of Oregano, this is the one you want to purchase.

I’m learning so much about the health benefits of using Black Seed Oil, I had no idea people took straight shots of this stuff. I’ll use it for my Golden Honey and if I’m bold I might take a shot (I’m not bold).

Turmeric also has numerous health benefits and it’s also an ingredient to make Golden Honey.

I have never heard of Elderberry pills until Rona came to town but I’ve been taking them and I’ll keep taking them because…why not?


Y’all good sis is about to give herself some Passion Twists (send help). I ordered my hair from this specific vendor, it came on time, and they sent the crochet hook.


Who doesn’t need braiding hair? This was one of the first things I ordered smh.

When I get my hair professionally braided they ALWAYS use this jam to prevent slippage so I’m using it. It comes two in the pack.

If you have natural hair then you already know we don’t shampoo our hair every week BUT we do cowash it a lot. I love this cowash, I’ve been using it for and ever.

I have tight kinky hair, so please keep you regular degular edge control away from me. I forgot what YouTuber told me to buy this edge control but now I’m telling you–works wonders.

We are all influencers now…

I plan on going LIVE at least one time in my life during this pandemic and when I do this little thing is going to help (I already have a ring light).

If you don’t have a ring light, both of these and they work well…I have both.


If you haven’t been able to focus or you feel anxious/stressed I encourage you to try and read. It helps me to focus (you can’t scroll anything when reading).

Quit Playing Small: Daily Inspiration from the Creator of the Switch, Pivot or Quit Podcast by Ahyiana Angel

I absolutely love Ahyiana Angel’s podcast, you have to listen to it, she is the big cousin you need. All of her guests keep it real, and after listening to her episodes I always feel like I can keep going. She has turned the theme of her podcast into a book, (my copy will be here on Wednesday), I encourage you to grab one.

Do Purpose: Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more by David Hieatt

This is a very quick read if you are thinking about starting your own brand, I encourage you to read this.

HER by Pierre Alex Jeanty

I don’t know where I was at but clearly I was under a rock, Pierre Alex Jeanty is an amazing poet, grab both HER and HER II and thank me later.

Seasons of Fidelity: Season One by Takerra Allen

This three-book series will take through all the feels, it’s good!

I hope you like the list, I am an Amazon affiliate, so be a good sis and use my links.

P.S. Let me know what you’ve purchased from Amazon so I can add it to my cart, and if you’re an affiliate I’ll use your links.



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