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#SistahGirlsPodcast Interview with Nicole Falls A.K.A “Author of Negro-Nosed Romance”

Nicole Falls is a black contemporary romance author or as she puts it, “Author of Negro-nosed romance.” In this very candid...

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Summer Reading List 2017 #SistahGirlsBC

Sistah Girls, summer is officially here, that means we can break out those beach chairs and cool beverages to sit poolside and relax with a...

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Reyna Biddy aka @DearYouFromWe Uses Spoken Word to Uplift Women [Listen]

When I found Reyna Biddy she was sitting on the interlude of Kehlani’s latest album SweetSexySavage. I wondered who the powerful...

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#SistahGirlReview “Nevermore” by Danielle Allen

Sistah Girl Book Review “Nevermore” by Danielle Allen Warning: This review will read like a conversation. I finally realized...

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5 Black Women on #BookTube

BookTube is not a white thing BookTube sounds like this place where a bunch of books is funneled off into never never book land but it’s...

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#BookReview “After The One”(The One Series Duet) by Danielle Allen

 Book Review “After The One” by Danielle Allen “After The One” by Danielle Allen is the follow up to “The One,” if you have...

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