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#SistahGirlsPodcast Interview with Nicole Falls A.K.A “Author of Negro-Nosed Romance”

Nicole Falls is a black contemporary romance author or as she puts it, “Author of Negro-nosed romance.” In this very candid...

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The Sistah Girls Podcast: Francina Smith Creates Television for Women of all Shapes and Sizes

Francina Smith is an actress, director, writer, producer, and the creator of the new web series, Black Panties. Black Panties, is set to...

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#TheSistahGirlsPodcast Interview with author Danielle Allen [Audio]

Danielle Allen is a black contemporary romance author who has published ten novels independently. I wanted to interview Danielle Allen...

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Welcome to ‘The Sistah Girls Podcast’ [Audio]

The Sistah Girls Podcast is for people who want real conversation The Sistah Girls Podcast is LIVE! I am so excited! I have worked on this...

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