“The Five Senses Of,” is a unique interview series created for authors to explore their work and life using their five senses. It is designed to tap into their sense of taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing to give readers a glimpse of the author behind the pen. 

Sabrina E L B Scales is the author of vibrant, humorous, real-life love stories whose characters portray the lives of people from various backgrounds, with a therapeutic injection of humor that helps them navigate along the way.

She’ll have you laughing after crying. Accepting what you’ve rejected. And loving characters that you’d typically despise, because that, in a nutshell, is what this author does!

Sabrina ELB Scales

Sabrina ELB Scales

What inspired your first project? 

Life. I’d been talking myself out of sitting down and writing a story, convincing myself that I had too much going on to even complete the first sentence. Then finally, life sat me down and said, aight, you got twenty minutes. Start something. And 19 books later, here I am!

My writing feels OR sounds like: 

The truth. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s sexy. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking and other times it’s magical. But from whichever direction it’s coming, it will always be real and true.

Using the five senses, what does your love look, feel, taste, smell, and sound like?

My love looks like purple glitter frosted cupcakes with musical notes and words raining over them.Sabrina ELB Scales

My love feels like cotton candy, before and after it melts between your fingertips, which makes it hard to let go!

Sabrina ELB ScalesMy love tastes like a lover’s lipsSabrina ELB Scales

My love smells like fall in Texas. Also known as one day of 60-degree weather!

My love sounds like, and I do mean EXACTLY like, Whitney Houston singing “I Have Nothing.”

What does your workspace look like? 

Neglected a/f! Ideas strike me all over the house so my laptop is usually at my bedside or on the ottoman in the living room. I rarely ever make it to my office unless I’m in the area doing laundry.

Sabrina ELB Scales

Name three items you can’t leave home without…

Phone, wallet, and a smile!

Sabrina ELB Scales

What colors make you smile the most?

Purple and purple-ER!

Sabrina ELB Scales

What is your favorite quote or poem? 

“If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.” -Maya Angelou This passage is the literal premise of every story I will ever write.

Sabrina ELB Scales

Black Love is…

Rhythm and blues. I can’t think of a musical genre that encompasses the highs and lows of Black love more accurately.

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