Sistah Girl, do you celebrate yourself?

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to create the dreaded “About Me” page on this very website. As I looked back on all of my accomplishments I didn’t feel as though I had done enough. There were so many things I wanted to accomplish that were still sitting on my goal sheet from when the ball dropped in January. You know the list you make when you’re on your “New Year New Me” wave. We all know the about me section is supposed to showcase who you are while also highlighting what you have accomplished.

I did what any person who was already feeling down on themselves would do, I went on other people’s websites and looked at their about me pages. Yup I sure did, if I didn’t want to delete my entire website before feeling down about not being able to create an interesting about me page, once I looked at my peers sites I wanted to pack my bags and leave the internet altogether. I did the whole, “Why am I not more accomplished” cry and then I scrolled on my instagram page and I realized I have done some things that I should be patting myself on the back for.

At the time of me having my mini breakdown, I had sat on a panel at Columbia University…yes thee Columbia University. I remember when I was invited to be a panelist I was more afraid than excited, I also remember thinking, “I haven’t done enough to be asked to be invited to speak at Columbia University.” See the pattern. There was never just a celebration of the accomplishment, there was always a cloud of not feeling as though I deserved to be placed in the position, and I never celebrated the achievement.

I put happy memes on social media but I didn’t feel the, “Yes Gurl, you did that!” Luckily, I have some amazing friends who met me after the event and we celebrated at brunch. But even with them singing my praises I didn’t feel like I deserved it. Then one night I got to thinking, I took out a piece of paper and I told myself to BRAG! Don’t try and be nice about it, don’t try and be cute or modest, just brag your ass off about everything you have done. I then highlighted the goals that I didn’t think I could accomplish. Those highlighted goals were the most important because I remembered how defeated I felt when I didn’t think I’d be able to accomplish the task, and then I did. Once I was done I began to cry, because finally I could see my power, I could see that I wasn’t a person who hadn’t accomplished anything.

Women of color have very few spaces where we can celebrate ourselves for being awesome women. I can name dozens of spaces that belittle us and capitalize on our pain but there are so few spaces where we can just feel awesome. Sometimes you can’t afford to attend the “Black Girl Magic” conference or remember to get on twitter to follow the empowerment threads. You need something in your face to remind you of how truly awesome you are. I put together the “Sistah Girls Brag Workbook” so Sistah Girls everywhere could see their power and know exactly how amazing they truly are. My original version was on notebook paper so it didn’t look as fancy, but this has helped me in ways I didn’t even imagine. I believe will help other Sistah Girls. So click the picture and download your free workbook, because we have bragging rights.

Download your free Sistah Girls Brag Workbook

Sistah Girls Brag Sheet

Sistah Girls, let me know if you have used the workbook and your overall thoughts. Email me at !



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