Sistah Girls Book Club

Sistah Girls Book Club

The Sistah Girls Book Club started from an online conversation about books. I used to post pictures of book that I was currently reading on Instagram and people would often ask me the name of the book. They would purchase the book and we would have a conversation in the comments section under the picture. I realized I wasn’t alone in thinking there needed to be a space where Sistah Girls like myself could connect, talk books, and converse about everything in between. I used digital media (the internets) to create a platform where women like myself could come together. Our online community consists of so many talented women that possess a genuine love for reading. I took it a step further while reading a book I wanted to talk to the author, I reached out to the author and she agreed to chat with us on a Sunday in our book club. And we’ve been chatting with authors ever since.

While we read all genres from all authors, we use our platform to highlight authors of color. I realized there were very few platforms that Black Independent authors specifically had to choose from to get their books out to the masses. The Sistah Girls Book Club creates a space where Black Independent authors can use our platforms to engage with our audience. We host twitter chats, digital linkups with authors and readers, giveaways, contests, reading challenges, and book reviews, all so we can provide book readers with amazing stories and introduce book authors to our audience in a unique way.

If you are an author interested in working with us, please email us at

If you are a reader and you want to be more involved with our book club email us.

Services we offer:  

Book Reviews  

  • You have a new book and need someone to give an honest review
  • You want to give out ARC (Advanced readers copies) for reviews before your work is published
  • You want us to consider reviewing your book on our online show “The ReView”

Beta Reading

  • You want to gather a team of Beta readers to read your work

Social Media Marketing 

  • Your sell books online = You have an online business
  • You use social media to market your books = You must know how to properly use social media to market your product.
  • We can help you properly use social media to market your books

Interviews (Written and on our podcast) 

  • You are interested in publicity for your book
  • You want to talk about your upcoming work

Creative Services

  • You are interested in coming up with unique ways to market your book


  • Sistah Girls Book Club
    Sistah Girls Book Club twitter chat with the authors of "Because My Heart Said So"
  • Sistah Girls Book Club
    Contest with author Love Belvin
  • Sistah Girls Book Club
    Sistah Girls Video Review "Love Unaccounted Series" by Love Belvin
  • Sistah Girls Book Club
    Summer 16 reading challenge
  • Sistah Girls Book Club
    #BlkBookCam a Hashtag created and used by the Sistah Girls Book Club to promote Black Authors
  • Sistah Girls Book Club
    Sistah Girls Video Review "Work Song" by" Danielle Allen
  • Sistah Girls Book Club
    Sistah Girls Book Club Giveaway with Big Mom's Kitchen
  • Sistah Girls Book Club
    Online Book Discussion with D. Camille


Meet the team

Sharee (Founder/Curator)

Social Media is my boyfriend. I create all those cool linkups and ideas that has everyone wondering why they didn’t think of it first. I love reading and short walks in the park.

Sistah Girls Book Club

Saida Gordon (Partner in Books) 

Host twitter chats, monthly book discussions, and contests.

Sistah Girls Book Club

Alexis Moore (Brand Ambassador/Book Reviewer) 

Meet the Sasha Fierce of book reviewing.

Sistah Girls Book Club

I’m Alexis Moore born and raised in Philadelphia. I’m married with children. I love Jesus, art, music, fashion and reading. I’m a total romance junkie. I read anything, it can be mystery, paranormal, urban lit or chick lit. As long as two people are falling in love I’ll read it. I also have a slight obsession with my hair and consider myself a natural hair enthusiast.
You can find me on Instagram (ok I’ll have to get the links for those insta accts.)
For books @Book_Seeks_Reader
For hair @MyManeMyChoice
Lissa Marie (Brand Ambassador/Book Reviewer) 
You want an honest opinon about your book from someone who has a love for reading? Lissa is your girl.
Sistah Girls Book Club
Where are you from? Philly Jawn
Favorite genre to read? (good) street lit, contemporary romance  and some erotica
3 top favorite book authors: Takerra Allen, Love Belvin, and Eric Jerome Dickey
Favorite food: all of IT
Favorite quote: *blank stares*


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Sistah Girls Book Club


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