Sistah Girls, love stories are about love. I know that part is easy to discern. For all the bleeding hearts, I have compiled some rich love stories for everyone to enjoy. They are special sweetheart editions in time for lover’s day.

Real Love by Alexandria House

Alexandria House is creative in her desire to deliver a great love story. Real Love was a cute and cranky love story about a rude tattoo artist seeking a bank loan for his business.

In the story, Denise Buhari loaned Hasaan Peterson her heart, and he defaulted on the loan. Neither expected to find a connection strong enough to succeed after they tangled a few times when they first met. Happily, love prevailed.

If Only for the Summer by Alexandra Warren 

Alexandra Warren wrote a super cute love story about a first-grade teacher, her neighbor’s friend, and their steamy summer fling. Guy Thompson would learn a whole new lesson plan from Nora Grant. The Summer fling turned into a season of love.

Inn Love (Lessons in Love Book 3) by Bailey West 

Charlene Kearns planned for love, and then she lost until she and Wesley Phillips used their fifteen-year reunion for a renewed passion. Reunions are always a nice subplot. And this one was ingenious.

Loving Cassie (The Prototype Book 4) by Jacinta Howard

Cassandra James and Bam Mosley are my favorite Prototype couple. The magic in the relationship was, as Cassie describes Bam’s beautiful eyes–hypnotic. The story will take you to a place of pure bliss.

Love Notes (Equilibrium Book 1) by Christina C. Jones

The story in CCJs Mahogany Heights’ fictitious town came alive. It was one of the sightings where the city came into prominence. Love Notes is Jules and Troy’s story, the perfect story to read about pure passion and promises.

Ezekiel’s Heart: A Valentine’s Day Short Story by Genesis Woods

Penelope’s story is about finding pure love, it’s about second chances, and finding love with the ideal person. Ezekiel was not what Penelope expected; he showed Penelope- she deserved a complete and abiding love.

Infinite Love by A.C. Taylor

What a better way to find peace than with a man who holds your heart and is your perfect complement? Amelle and Noah made love look charming. The little bit of drama in the story helped to cement the love connection.

All I Ask of You (The Kalmin Brothers Book 3) by Chelsea Maria

This was the final story in this beautiful urban romance. Readers had the chance to see the family leader find his soul mate in this ultra-dramatic conclusion to the series.

Love Unaccounted Series by Love Belvin 

Love Unaccounted Series by Love Belvin 

Love Belvin has a famous character named Ezra Carmichael; he is the perfect choice for a romance with a twist. Bishop Carmichael and the woman he chose to be his partner in the love story of all love stories will intrigue.

Tell all the men this is the perfect gift to give your partner on a particular day (Sweetheart’s Day), fellas give her your deep and abiding love (wink).

Eric Jerome Dickey

The man of the decade will always make our lists. Eric Jerome Dickey, we will forever remember him as the man who told the best love stories and taught us a few words along the way.

His catalog is brimming with delightful love stories. Between Lovers, Friends and Lovers, The Gideon Series, Milk in My Coffee, Drive Me Crazy, An Accidental Affair, and many more.

We will miss him and his voice. He gave readers a reason to read about love and all the different parts intertwined to make us believe every word he said was the gospel. Rest in Peace, EJD!

There you have it. I am sure you will find at least one love story you can relate to in a relationship. Each story is a little different in the way the author speaks about the universal language of love.

For this Sweethearts Day, find a love story and act out the best parts of the story with your Boo, and I promise you will receive an even greater reward. (The D). 

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