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sistah girl next door Who is the sistah girl next door
She’s a college student, a working mom, a single lady, a wife, the favorite Aunt, the best friend, the cool cousin, the introvert, and the extrovert. She’s the CEO, the Sunday school teacher, the book nerd, the cool girl, and the sophistirachet woman who reads books and listens to trap music. A Sistah Girl has no limits, so don’t try to put her in a box. I’m The Sistah Girl Next Door and so are you.
sistah girl next doorMy Story

Most stories have a slow beginning, and towards the middle it begins to pick up its pace. And if the story is really good we sit at the edge of our seats and we try to figure out how it will all come together. Then there’s the end — sometimes it’s predictable and other times it leaves you wanting more.  

My story begins in Brooklyn, New York. A talkative and very inquisitive child by nature, I always wanted answers to questions that most adults didn’t have an answer to. I was an outgoing child but a late bloomer who daydreamed a lot, wrote a lot, and always wanted to be the star.  

The middle part of my story is tricky because I’m still living and creating it. I’m still the daydreaming writer but somewhere in between becoming a teenager and entering adulthood I couldn’t distinguish my voice from everyone else’s. This is the part of the story where the black girl from Brooklyn finds her voice and begins to use it, somehow still working to be the star through it all.  

What follows? Only time will really tell. While I’m the one writing my story, I still have myself on the edge of my seat! I can only hope that you’re right on the edge with me, awaiting the next chapter… this is the good part!

sistah girl next doorSharee HEreford SIgnature

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