Sis, how many times have you read that book?

Sis, I love to read. Do you want to know what’s better than reading a new book? Rereading a book that I love. There are some stories that deserve a second, third, and sometimes even a fourth read.

With that said, I created a list of books that I’ve read more than once, some more than twice, and others more than three times. Some of the books are older and some newer. I know you will find a few treasures to try.

My all-time favorite romantic suspense author, Maureen Smith, continues to hold the crown for the best in her craft. She had a list for others to emulate with a catalog chocked full of masterpieces.

No One But You, Whisper My Name, and Like No One Else, are all books that I enjoy reading over and over and those were just the crux of this author’s fantastic portfolio.

Adrianne Byrd also has a series I read over and over. The Hinton Brothers six-book series I always find myself revisiting. The House of King’s series was equally enjoyable with, Kings Passion, King’s Promise, and Kings Pleasure.

Significant Others by Sandra Kitt’s is one of the books I read more than a few times.

Brenda Jackson’s Madaris series is still and likely always reign supreme in my favorite most reread series in the history of books. The first book started the trend with Tonight & Forever.

Nia Forrester’s À la Carte: The Complete ‘Coffee Date’ Novellas includes four books about a single dad, handling his business. The story was different and a delightful choice to try again and again. Ivy’s League is another favorite.

D. Camille’s Black Diamond four-book series is one to try. The author writes about Black Love, Black Life, and Black Knowledge. I always come back to this series, its soo good.

Delaney Diamond writes about Black romance, Interacial Romance, and Multicultural Romances. The Johnson Family series is a favorite reread by this author.

Zuri Day has a blue-collar series that gives a shout-out to regular folks in blue-collar jobs. Driving Heat is about a bus driver, Packing Heat covers Police Officers, and the latest, Sweet Heat, is about a baker/ pastry chef.

Zuri Day

A.C. Arthur’s Donovan series is one of extended running series to date which started in 2006 with Love Me Like No Other and goes all the way up to Destiny Of A Donovan which is book fifteen A multi-read series that is always great to come back to.

Angelia Vernon Menchan has a lovely series that I can never get enough of. Cinnamon Black’s series is one you’ll enjoy again and again. The latest book is Cinnamon Black’s Other Daughter… so, so good!

Candace Shaw’s Arrington Family series about a family of doctors-this five-book series is worth the read and a reread.

Christina C. Jones books are always on my reread list, so take your pick. The Serendipitous Love series, Ante Up, and The Love Sisters, a new hilarious series that I have already read twice.

Grab a good book sis and thank me later!

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