5 Indie Authors I’m Happy I Found!

Sistah Girls, when I’m trolling around on book lists, Amazon, Hoopla, Libby, and other places to find fabulous books, I’m always happy when I run across a new author, and love their books.

If you have already heard of these authors, good for you, if you have not, join me in welcoming others to stroll their bookshelves for some fabulous reads by Black indie authors.

In Name Only (The Love Connection Book 1) by Sean D. Young

Sean D. Young’s new book In Name Only (The Love Connection Book 1) was a sweet read and a version of the fake relationship trope. In this story, Adam Simmons was the candidate for Virginia Governor, when his executive team suggested he could not win without a wife or significant girlfriend.

Cassaundra Moore, an event planner, fits all the requirements to help the candidate win the Governorship. It was supposed to be a fake relationship, but it turned into something of more significant consequences. Check this one out; it was a lovely story. Be sure to check out the second installment, Caught In His Web (The Love Connection Book 2).

Heatwaves: A Summer Fling Novella by Kema B

Kema B. is another one of the authors I have devoured her books one after another. Heatwave: A Summer Fling Novella, and Goddess Of My Heart: A Carter Family Novel were both outstanding stories.

Heatwave was a short quick read about romance author Stacia Baker and her problem with a maintenance man named Drew Fields. The story was a lot of fun. Suppose you want to read a longer story by this author try, Goddess Of My Heart.

The title is dope and the story had me looking for Nasir Carter on the internet and social media. The man was fine. In this story, Nasir left the love of his life Venus Aphrodite Day when a secret pulled them apart. You will be glad to hear they will reunite, and love will prevail.

All of Me (Wild Thoughts Baecation Series Book 1) by Honesty Price

Honesty Price wrote All of Me (Wild Thoughts Baecation Series Book 1) and I could hear John Legend singing the title track. Although this is not a new book, it was one of the ones that caught my attention, and I thought this book would be a good place to start for a new reader.

In this story, a young lady named Ivy was living her best life, doing her thing, when she decided she needed to change the way she went about relationships. Hit it and quit it was no longer a good look for her. A guy named Greg might be the remedy for her newly reformed situationship goals.

First Down by M.T. Dixon

M.T. Dixon is another new to me author, I’m enjoying. First Down is a sports-themed story about college sweethearts who went their separate ways after a breakup.

Vonte Curtis was on his way to the NFL and made a few decisions that would have consequences on their relationship. His girl Skye was rough around the edges, and their pairing was inevitable as this story tightly packed with drama, desire, and more, which matched their situation precisely.

Honey by Maye Mahree

Maye Mahree is a brand spanking new author with two books in her catalog. Honey and Sweeter Than Honey were incredibly unique stories for this first time read for me.

The first book, Honey, featured two couples in a long-term relationship, but not really on the same page. When the couples took a vacation, their undercover stuff hits the fan, and each couple’s relationship exposed the issues they faced. Trinity, Kelly, and Vanessa had shocking sides exposed to what was real about their relationships, and the truth was somewhere in between.

Sweeter Than Honey is the second book, and the couples are back to solve the problems presented in the original story. The intrigue from the first story substantiated the drama threefold in the second book.

The theatrics, lies, and deception still lingered as the tale unraveled, and redemption a real possibility for all parties. Both books were enjoyable, and I will follow this new author in the future.

There you have it, new book baes to marvel over. Until next time, happy reading Sistah Girls. 

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