Sistah Girls, there are some authors that you just know will deliver a solid story EVERY time. Such is the case with my girl, Bailey West.

Her latest novel, Loving MAN makes you just want to settle in with your favorite pillow and a cup of whatever you like. Here are 5 reasons to check out Loving Man!

Great Characters/Storyline

Both characters are successful in their own right. Xander and Angel are both chefs who have had successful careers.  However when they meet on a plane none of that matters.

Angel is just a woman trying to help Xander calm his baby down. Xander just buried the mother of the child and trying to deal with adjusting his life with a newborn baby.

They don’t anticipate seeing each other again. When Angel decides to take more time to grieve the passing of a loved one, she applies for a nanny job.  Of course, the attraction is there, but they keep it professional. And Angel is hired!

Chemistry 🔥🔥🔥

The story becomes a slow wind, savory build…think crescendo.  Once Xander gets rid of his cray-cray girlfriend (ugh), his focus is on his son and Angel.

The chemistry between them is hot!  Angel says, “I felt a gush of fluid in my panties. He had barely touched me and I’d completely ruined my underwear.”

A Little Inspiration

If you’ve ever read a Baily West novel, you know that there may be a little preaching and some inspirational nuggets.

It’s the characters who are receiving the Word, but the reader receives it, too. I know I do! “He that has begun a good work in you will continue to complete it. God has not forgotten or given up on you! You will succeed!” Let the church say Amen!

Strong Family Support

Both characters have strong family support.  And they are the couple’s biggest cheerleaders.

However, one of my favorite characters is BG, aka “Best Grandma.” She is Angel’s grandma and is described as a tall, wrinkle-free, bronze-skinned woman with long salt and pepper locs wearing black patent leather stilettos.

BG delivers the best line of the book when she says “I will watch you, Alexander. Treat my Angel with care and treat her fairly. I know relationships have their ups and downs. That’s to be expected. However, if you don’t treat her with care and respect? I. Will. Fuck. You. Up.  That’s on all my dead relatives.  I will burn this town to the ground over mine. You feel me?”

Whew! I’m still shaking…poor Xander. No one saw that coming. BG should stand for “Best Gangsta!”  Lol

Book Crossover

So imagine yourself reading and a character’s name pops up and you’re like, wait a minute, I know them.

Xander is friends with Ian Noble (author Te’ Russ, Noble Surrender) and Kingston Wright (author Danielle Allen, Truth or Dare). I was like, “I know these guys!!”

Readers love crossovers, but you don’t see it often. Ian is a former bad boy, celebrity chef in Vegas. Kingston mentions that the wedding he attended was an “excellent trip.”  Yes, it was.

If you haven’t read either of these books, you’ll have to check them out. Both are 🔥

This is a great book to read during the holidays. Just like a meal, it’s savory. I give it 5 stars!

-Blissful Bookworm

5 stars



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