Books to Make You Want to Fall In Love!

Sistah Girls, I have a list of books that will make you want to fall in love all over again. I’m talking about deep-seated love, following him around the house for more of his good loving, or sniffing the shirt he left on the sofa.

Do you get the point? Right. Try these stories and see if you can find a new book bae…

Behind the Scenes by Christina C. Jones

In this story, the protagonist Pierre’s car sustained some bodily injury with a lady’s car one night because she distractedly crashed with his vehicle.

 The story featured two creatives coming together, it was a familial bond that showed the uncanny similarities that solidified their connection.

Pierre and Logan, whew! The love parts were hot, steamy, and their chemistry was bunsen burner hot. There were several cameos and dedicated appearances from some of the Blackwood alumni you have enjoyed in the past. The story will implore you to fall in love.

Heatstrokes: A Summer Fling Novella by Kema B. 

Now, If I were to have a summer fling, Zion would be my man. Do you have any idea what a fling should look like? I do. It resembles Zion. The man had all the qualities that would make any warm-blooded woman swoon.

The tale not only had a sexy side, but it also had a comical side. Simone was alot much fun but she also had a serious side. She and Zion made me want to be young again to participate in some of the exercises they chose. 

The Never List by DL White 

The Never List was a fun story with a sexy vibe. The leading lady was an almost 40-year-old beauty with a list of things she had never done in her life.

It was a delight to watch Esme and Trey get to know one another. Their adventures in getting to know one another included must-do events. This story was fun and a beautiful way to fall in love again. I think you will find a new friend in Trey.

Growing A Life: Delain and Abel by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Growing a Life Delain and Abel is a follow-up story for Delain and Abel, as the story gave the couple a brand-new way to love and care for one another.

I have said this a few times, and I have no problems restating this point; I like stories that showcases black and brown love with strong characters in a well-defined storyline. This was a sweet tale about a couple growing in love.

When I Needed You (An Unlikely Love Book 1) by Tina Martin 

When I Needed You (An Unlikely Love Book 1) by Tina Martin 

In this story, the heroine met a handsome homeless man that she invited into her home. This book was a two-part series: An Unlikely Love by Tina Martin. The story blew my mind. I kept screaming at Ahmalee, asking her if she was crazy. The guy in the story was homeless, yes, he was a hottie underneath the grime, but he was still homeless.

I wanted to check her roots to see if she was really a Sistah. The first book ends in a slight cliffhanger. When You Needed Me is the second installment and the truth about Cain is revealed. 

Although I wanted to slap the crap out of Cain for his actions, in the end, you have to applaud Ahmalee for having the heart to see beyond Cain’s unkempt physical appearance and making us fall in love with this story.

Falling in love is a beautiful thing when you have a great story as your guideline and a fabulous couple. I hope you found your next beau!

Black Love Rocks!

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