Hey, Sistah Girl’s Hey!

I hope you all are practicing safety precautions, adhering to social distancing, and washing those hands. I need all of my beautiful Sistahs to conquer this pandemic with ease.

I know we all needed a little break so I used a little bit of my imagination and came up with a list of Bae’s I would love to keep me company during this time.

Dr. Kaden Davenport from I Think I Might Love You by Christina C. Jones

Dr. Davenport provides a comedic relief that we need during this time. If ever we truly needed a reason to laugh and forget the pandemic for a while this is the book for you. Kaden is truly your guy. All of the Vanity lyrics, the pranks, overweight cats, hating older ladies, and love make this story a sweet feel-good novel.

Everett “Big South” McClain from Let Me Love You by Alexandria House

Big South sexiness jumps right off the page and into your literary bed of love. His swagger and love for Jo throughout this novel provide hope to the masses. The hope that we all need. It also shows how sometimes the second time is the charm when it comes down to love.

Malcolm Lewis from Surrender Your Heart to Me: Falling for a Detroit Bad Boy by Storm Writer

Malcolm, oh my goodness where do I begin with him?!?! He is the right amount of sweet and right amount of hood. He sees there is a problem with his heroine Kalise and he handles it. He asserts his dominance and loves her in spite of it. This is just an all-around good story.

Jereth Hawkins from To Break A Vow (The Vow Series Book 3) by Chencia C Higgins

Where should I start with this eclectic beautiful specimen of a man? He is not what I would call your traditional book bae. He’s spontaneous, he’s wild, he’s passionate, he’s private, and a thrill-seeker nonetheless.

This book bae takes you on a wild ride and cools you down later. The adventures we are missing out on right now can be fulfilled by reading this novel. I enjoyed it so much. Hell, honestly I married him twice in my mind while reading it.

Haven Adams from His Heart, Your Love by C. Monet

Haven pulled at my heartstrings and made me love him. He’s strong, compassionate, resilient, and did I mention sexy. His love for Lamia and helping her to grieve properly was everything. Whew, and can I just mention he was a beast in his single sexy dad role…I need an update on these two. This author gave us just enough to want more.

Trell Davis from And a Freaky New Year (The Feel Good Standalone Series Book 3) by India Norfleet

Talk about a man that can slow you down and bend you over in the same breathe…whew! Throw in how he loved Justine and my goodness you’re in for a treat. I clutched my pearls and got my life with this one.

Ezra Carmichael from the Love Unaccounted Series by Love Belvin

Love Belvin

Never in my life have I lusted after a pastor with no shame. The way the good pastor preaches the word of God and then takes you down into his playroom is amazing. During this quarantine, you need someone to fill you up mentally, physically, and spiritually. Whew! Baby I would give Lex a run for her money just to be next to this man.

I hope these book baes give you some sort of an escape during this time. Remember we are all in this together and will come out stronger. Take this time to reconnect with family, friends, and dive deeper into your love of reading. Until next time.

Peace & blessings my Sistahs,

Rowan Reign



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