Sistah Girls, there is always that in-between point where you’re just finishing the best book ever while trying to find the next good book.

To make that process easier we are sharing catalogs from authors who we’ve read and loved. Not only are we sharing their work we’ve taken it a step further and selected books you should begin with from their catalogs.

This edition features AshleyNicole (I stan for her). Ashley knows how to pen a story that will have you falling in love with an entire family.

Her catalog is extensively broad but for the sake of this listicle, I am listing my personal favorites.

1. Damaged Hearts (2 book series)

After that, Read This ft. AshleyNicole

In this series, you meet Tali, who has admittedly fallen on her luck. Bills are due, and she has no money to cover them so love and a man are the last things on her mind until she runs across Les.

Les is everything but monogamous, he replaces women like he replaces his underwear until Tali. Neither one of them was in a position to fall, but as fate would have it their paths prevent them from being great.

Will bruised hearts and ugly words spoken keep them apart or bring them closer together?

2. The Mine Series

After that, Read This ft. AshleyNicole

Where do I begin with this? This series gives you love, redemption, and suspense. Jaylen, Jayson, and Malcolm were it for me. Strong women, a single dad, cops/marshals, and a murderer…baby sign me up.

3. The Montgomery Girls

After that, Read This ft. AshleyNicole

This series touched on a lot of topics that are taboo in the romance world but AshleyNicole managed to peel back the layers of pain and trauma and make a beautiful story.

4.  Nights Like This (6 book series)

After that, Read This ft. AshleyNicole

Simply put it was the sex for me. The stories were beautiful, but it was steamy. Whew, I need a glass a wine just thinking about it all.

5. Slipped up in Love: A Mason family novel

The start of this large family saga. The triplets are my absolute favorites from this series. This family provides laughter, love, and longevity.

Now, these are just some of my faves by AshleyNicole, she has a gang of other titles you should check out, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

-Rowan Reign 



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