Sistah Girls, there is always that in-between point where you’re just finishing the best book ever while trying to find the next good book.

To make that process easier we are sharing catalogs from authors who we’ve read and loved. Not only are we sharing their work we’ve taken it a step further and selected books you should begin with from their catalogs.

Our first author is Nako, she has an extensive catalog but these are books I think you should start with first if you’ve never read this author.

1. In Love with a Brooklyn Thug I-IV

In this series, you meet Nia Hudson a fashion designer on the rise. Nia has loved and lost and has poured her everything into building her brand. Everything is going well for her until she meets Easton. A thug on a mission to make money and to win Nia’s heart. Will he succeed at both? You have to read and find out.  

2. Giselle: Creme De La Creme

Giselle is all about her money and with standards so high due to her exposure to the best quality of life. So how is it that Kasim Moreland is the man she hard for? 

3. Is She The Reason

Yara was left for dead while serving a sentence that she did not deserve. When Yara is finally set free we see that the betrayal was bigger than she could have bargained for…

4. The Love Drought Series

In this three-book series, you meet very unique characters who boss up in their careers, but can they follow suit in their relationships? Join Mahogany, Juice, and Carmen as they go through the ups downs and roundabouts of high-risk industries and high-risk relationships. 

5. Nostalgia: A B-Roll Love Story

Kenya has had it all handed to her since the day she was born but can she ever really be happy? Can she ever really follow her dreams? Most of all, can she find true love? And if so, at what cost? 



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