“Being a Clover was about more than having the name. It’s about the legacy.” -Brelyn

In Battling Brelyn readers are introduced to Brelyn the youngest of the Clovers, a prominent, wealthy family in Philadelphia. Brelyn is a teen entrepreneur, she has her very own fitness company after her namesake Bodies by Brelyn. Cashmere, Eme, and Desmond her older siblings each have businesses as well.

Suddenly Brelyn’s dreams seem to come to a halt when she and her family discover she has Lupus. Due to her illness and the debilitating toll it often takes on her physically her father decides she needs to pump the brakes and take it easy.

Battling Brelyn book cover

This unsurprisingly does not sit well with Bre. With a family that seemingly breeds entrepreneurs any talk of not doing what she was born to do resembles defeat.

When she meets her new neighbor Saith more than a friendship begins to brew, much to the dismay of her father. At the same time with Lupus Bre begins to experience some slight changes when it comes to maintaining her grades with also trying to somewhat secretly hold on to her business.

Thankfully she has a supportive family to see her through. Being the business-minded young woman she is Bre comes up with an alternative way to still help teens battling weight issues.

No longer able to do aerobics and cycling classes she decides to focus on meal planning with light cardio. Annnnd its all good until something she nor her family never expects happens and sends them all into a messy, confused turbulence.

My Thoughts:

Mya Kay does a great job with putting you right there in the scene with her characters. The opening scene specifically had me like WHOA, as she gives a heart-wrenching description of what is happening to Bre right before she learns she has Lupus.

I also enjoyed the family dynamics where you clearly get the picture that money isn’t everything and no matter what you have problems will come. It’s how you face the problem that matters and I must say the Clovers are united on that. There is also some intrigue with the sister Cashmere

“Would I ever be able to measure up to bearing the Clover name without a financially solvent business like Desmond’s or my sisters? How could I call myself a Clover when my sickness had branded me as a weakling, while my parents and siblings seemed to grow stronger by the day?”- Brelyn, Inner Monologue

The Characters:

Brelyn struggles with her illness and her passion and readers really see her fight to keep going. And she does, Brelyn faces her challenges and holds her faith even in her weak moments. Luckily, she has her sister and Saith neither of them back down when it comes to caring for her. Saith.

I can honestly say I was just as intrigued as she of the cute caramel-colored boy with the vivid green eyes in a wheelchair. Both their passions and their challenges bring Saith and Bre together in a true friendship. One that I truly love because it wasn’t long before I realized that boy cares deeply for Brelyn Clover. Readers will definitely find it endearing.

To buy or not to buy? BUY! (Go click the book cover to purchase!)
Series? Yes, it’s book 1 but can be read as a standalone
Do I recommend it? Yes, to all YA Lovers!
The plot/storyline? Pulls you in, has a youthful romance with a suspenseful plot twist.
The writing? Good
Steam Factor?  PG

Now go forth and read, then come tell your Sistah Girls all about it!



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