Keeping Willow (The Prototype Book 3) by Jacinta Howard

Sistah Girls, I’m so excited to bring you a 5-star read. This book was a lot for me but in a good way. I tried to savor the book and didn’t want it to end. It made me think and examine so many emotions.

The book starts with the present day and then takes the readers about six months back. I really loved Willow and Devin–their relationship and their chemistry was so good. I enjoyed seeing their struggles, Devin’s with the burden of having to provide for his family and Willow with trying to find her voice in the midst of distractions.

Their story really resonated with me especially Willow’s. Seeing her fall in love with Devin–her innocence, naivety, trying to find her purpose in life while being wrapped up with the love of her life. I could see parallels with my life–having to quiet all the voices around to find my own voice and confidence.

And maturing to the point where I understood that all relationships were unique to the individuals in them. I believe that Willow had to go through all that to be confident in her relationship and life’s purpose.

Devin was everything!!!!. I loved the way he loved Willow. In addition to that, he was intentional about her and their relationship and he encouraged her to be the best. I admired his ambition, drive, talent, and how he cared about his family and the people he considered dear to him. Reading this book geared the waterworks, the story made me think, and I loved seeing all the other characters from the series.

I would one thousand and one percent recommend this book! It’s geared towards young adults but it’s equally suitable for adults. This read would be perfect for young adults going through the transition where they are struggling with finding their voices, feet, and wading through all the confusion.

In conclusion, the characters and story development progressed evenly from the beginning to the end. Furthermore, the writing was stellar and I felt like I was there with Devin and Willow. Reading it evoked good emotions and I savored it and dreaded that it had to end. 



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