Release Some Tension by Nicole Falls

As I write this review, it occurred to me that I should have had some expectations about the book based on the cover. However, I didn’t. I just wanted a great read–that’s all I ask for these days.

I really enjoyed this book. I feel the need to shout this multiple times. It was hilarious. Generally, I’m a huge fan of books that make me laugh, drop my phone, and roll on the bed laugh. Those sorts of books are gold to me and this book was that.

It was always supposed to be a temporary thing.

Ayumi Richards and Lewis Upton both desperately needed respite from the high stakes drama of their professional lives. A chance encounter at a local watering hole not only helped them find solace in each other, but forge a connection that defied any so-called logic to which they’d both previously ascribed.


I loved Ayumi. She was the G.O.A.T., and she was also fun, feisty, sexy, confident, and knew her worth. What’s more attractive than that? I loved the relationship between her and Lewis when it was friends with benefits. After it transitioned to a monogamous relationship, I adored it more. Additionally, their chemistry and banter were really beautiful.

The story touched on Ayumi’s reluctance to connect emotionally and Lewis’ willingness to commit in spite of his fear of being burnt. I found that realistic and something readers could relate to based on personal experiences. Lastly, I loved the glimpses of strong friendship bonds that were featured in the story. Their friends showed up for them and I enjoyed seeing it.


My favorite scene is easily when Ayumi marked her territory and told her ex-friend off. I don’t know why but I found it empowering. She owned all of her emotions and I loved to see it.

Another scene that I liked was when she was introduced to Lewis’ parents over dinner and her mum was invited. Seeing her vulnerability made me appreciate the character a bit more and Lewis’ parents like him were a gem.

Overall, the pace of the book was fast. it didn’t drag. The story developed well, was easy to follow, and ended well. It was a fun read with some doses of heavy. I recommend it 100%!



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