Making Time (Quickie Book 1) by Moon Bey

Hey sis, got time for a quickie? A quick read…I mean. 😉  I recently read Making Time (Quickie Book 1) by Moon Bey. It was my first read by this author and it won’t be my last!

This little book is the perfect nighttime read after a long day of work. (What would even be better is if your boo thang is next to you in the bed. That way you can just turn over…) Sorry, I got caught up!

Making Time is about a couple who just can’t seem to find time to be alone. Syvad and Taness have three young kids. It’s quite obvious that they are in love and great parents to their children. However, when they want to be alone, it just doesn’t seem to be within their reach.

When they finally make plans to be together, plans change and everyone ends up at home. Frustration settles in. Every time they get started, they get interrupted. But the couple is determined!

From the kitchen to the wall (in my Ludacris voice), this couple manages to put the create in creativity! You’ll find yourself taking mental notes and saying, hmmm. Perhaps not making plans is actually the best plan of all.

P.S. This is a quick read that has two other installments: Over Time (Quickie Book 2) and We Time (Quickie Book 3).

-Blissful Bookworm




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