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The holidays are approaching fast and if you’re like me you get really excited the moment Donny Hathaway hits that first note in “This Christmas” and you’re filled with glee when Boyz II Men croon out “Let it Snow.”

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than to find a book bae to curl up with? Here are some wonderful treats to start your holiday off right…

Nicole Falls: Noelle the First

Despite sharing a birthday with the holiday, Christmas just wasn’t Noelle’s thing. As a kid, she had been in love with the holiday, but adult Noelle just saw it as another day to get through.

Jay has moved back home after a breakup and is looking to reconnect with his childhood bestie. Cooking up a scheme to get her in the holiday spirit with her sisters, he’s determined to bring back to the old Noelle.

With a combination of nostalgia, Christmas magic and a little bit of mistletoe, Noelle the First is a tale of old friends finding their way back to each other and more.

Alexandria House: Merry Christmas Baby: A Short Story

Having to work on Christmas Eve is bad. Having to work the graveyard shift on Christmas Eve is worse. Having to work the graveyard shift on Christmas Eve when your life is a mess? Well, that’s some BS. There doesn’t seem to be a Merry Christmas in store for Sunday Marks, but maybe one call can change that.

***This short story contains profanity and sexual content. If you do not like those elements in your romantic reads, this is not the story for you***

Alexandria House: Always My Baby A Christmas Short Story

What Melanie sees as an inconvenience, Luke sees as a long-desired opportunity. Hopefully, this converging of divergent paths on Christmas Eve will lead to pleasant surprises for both of them.

This story is very short and contains profanity and sexual content. If none of this is your cup of tea, this is likely not the story for you.

J. Nichole: Boyfriend for Christmas: A Love Story

Breaking up with her boyfriend, and moving back home wasn’t in her plans. But when her sister becomes a widow, and a single mom, Kai returns home to help.

An auntie’s job is easy, so she thought. When she realizes her niece has lost the Christmas spirit, she takes on the task of returning her joy. First up, letters to Santa.

What do you ask Santa to bring when you’re too old for the season’s trendiest toy?

A boyfriend, of course.

** This is a quick read but a full story with a happy for now ending. This book is intended for mature audiences. **

Té Russ: Santa, Baby!: A Sexy Holiday Short

Holly’s perspective on the holidays has become jaded…so much so that her sister refers to her as Miss Scrooge behind her back. Logan is determined to change her outlook on the holidays and remind her what the season is truly about.

Brenda Jackson: A Very Merry Romance (Madaris Series Book 21)

School principal Jonathan Madaris falls hard the moment new teacher Marilyn Bannister walks into his office. The gray-eyed beauty takes his breath away and makes him regret his school’s non-fraternization policy. Still, he immediately knows Marilyn is special. And he’s not letting anything stop him from getting the woman he wants.

Marilyn recognizes the attraction between her and Jonathan but has no intention of breaking school policy. After all, this is her first job and she loves it. So when she’s suddenly transferred to another school and she discovers Jonathan is behind the move, she is furious.

It’s clear that Jonathan needs to be taught a lesson about playing with people’s lives. And Marilyn is just the teacher to do it. But will she go too far? Find out what happens when two proud individuals face off in the game of love.

Will it take a Christmas miracle to save the day?

DL White: Unexpected: A Holiday Short

Saidah’s Christmas memories have been warped by personal tragedy. A chance encounter brings her unexpected love and a new outlook on life.

Here’s to finding love where you least expect it!

Tina Martin: Hot Chocolate: A Winter Novelette

Haven Baker is a beautiful, lonely manager of her parent’s business, Baker Bed & Breakfast, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Her ordinary, humdrum life gets a much-needed shakeup when Titus Cassidy checks in as a solo guest for a full week.

His interest in her isn’t something he hides, but not something she’s eager to accept. He has her truly seeing the mountains for the first time in a romantic, snowy setting. But can she truly trust a perfect stranger who’s supposedly just researching the area?

If these don’t bring the holiday cheer to your doorstep then Bah Humbug to you too.  Happy Holidays Sistahs!

Peace & Blessings,

Sistah Girls Book Club



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