A Book For Comedic Relief…You Will Be Happy AF!

Sistah Girls, this was the story of the month in romantic comedies. The story was funny AF, and the main characters were adorable and fun-irritating along with being unique and downright hilarious. Most of the story had me laughing out loud and spilling my juice over the heroine’s craziness and shenanigans.

When Meeka met Tone, she was up to her usual foolishness. We learned later in the story why she was doing something so crazy. The second time they met, she was caught in yet another hairbrained scheme that she was accidentally entwined.

Meeka overpowered the tale with her boisterous over the top personality. Tone was a down to earth sweet guy who was caught in Meeka’s lovely web of desire. Many times I felt like I was watching an old “I Love Lucy” episode with all the comedic things Meeka found herself entangled.

When Tone and Meeka started working a project together, it was like a chemistry experiment of them trying to mix the correct solvent for the proper solution. The steamy looks were super hot, the way Tone described Meeka by talking about her knees, her craziness, and her impressionable mind was cute, but none of that detracted from his attraction to her.

Meeka’s beauty was beyond her physical appearance. You could witness his desire for her with each glance and distant stare. I was so ready for them to hit the sheets by the time they took the plunge. The backstory with her ex-fellas was enough to make a church-lady curse the men she used to hang with for a hot minute.

Meeka’s choices were laughable. Her usual modus operandi until Tone was to choose the biggest buster brown loser she could find. Ms. Green, the only decent guy in the crew she interviewed for the show, I need to get more on that guy. His cameo was waaay to short.

In this amusing story, Meeka had so many issues, she had too numerous to name in one sitting. Her rhymes made me laugh, she always talked to herself and continuously encouraged herself.

The plot with the reality show concept and the interviews for the show was yet another moment in time for this story. The funny bantering back and forth with Meeka and her friends was humorous. And the way she spoke to and about her boss with the funny names made me love her with each meeting.

The secret she wasn’t aware of about Tone will only add a small blemish to the story. Never fear though, this couple had so much to say, and you will enjoy every page turn. The story moves at breakneck speed so you will need to have time to digest all the plots and energy as parts of this story moves at a rapid pace.

I am telling you Sherrelle Green is one to watch! For comic relief and a beautiful romantic adventure try Single AF! You will be happy AF.

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