Last month was a beast for those who love a good book, and this month is shaping up to be much the same. I’m going to do us a favor and share my good-good with my brothers and sisters who love books.

Now, let me say this for Housekeeping purposes from the jump. The lists of books are a small percentage of books I’ve read, and no, it does not include just my favs books. It’s a snippet.

I chose novels from various genre this month. The goal of each article is to help you find a Few Good Men, I mean… Books to discover and devour.

Also, the lists are intended to share with your group and friends alike. Lastly, this post is to help readers find new authors. We celebrate Black Love in these pages, so feel free to tell others about Sistah Girl Book Club. Authors, we need You to keep us blogging as well. So, without further ado… The lists. Each story garnered a rating of 4.5-5 Stars.

Petals by Sabrina ELB Scales is a compilation of stories covering four couples going through some very emotional things. They intertwine and connect in a way you won’t imagine as a possibility. I’ve said it once, I will say it repeatedly, this author writes with passion and conviction. Petals is a dynamic read.

Somebody to Love (College Daze Book 3) by Danielle Burton- Readers, this is a great book 3 in the college drama. You’ll get some grown-up plots in this series, so don’t let the title fool you. The writing is fantastic; the story is easy to follow. The hero evolved in the story, and the heroine was precious. Go ahead and get it!

The Lessons We Learned(FWB2) by Alexandra Warren- Let me say, this author I can rock with for a minute. Book 2 in the series had me happy as a clam. Humm… How do we know when a Clam is happy?

He’s reading a good book and smiling. Friends with benefits, I should have tried that when I was single. Just kidding honey!
Anyway, book two was as fantastic as the first.

The Pattels (Hawk & Raven) The Pattel Series Book 1 by S.K.Hardy- Readers, this is a continuation of a previous series. It will help you to read the Sin City Series as the hero and heroine introductions took place in that series.

The book I’m speaking about, whew! Hawk is the real deal, and the series is magical. Warning it has a semi-cliffhanger ending, but this author is worth the wait. It’s Hot, Hot, Hot!

More Than Enough (Post Grad Book 1) by Bria Felicien- I found this author with her first book and I’ve been stalking. I mean- following her since her first book. The latest story is excellent; it’s a 25ish+ years young couple navigating life. Their story was well-written. Go ahead and get this one too.

Readers this is it for now. I’ll bring you part two in a few days. I have several to add to the next list.

Happy Reading Loves!

Sistah Girls Book Club



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