She looked at him like he was crazy, as she applied her lip gloss. “Seriously? Nigga it’s two things I never move without. That’s my Bible and my gun. Hell, I even sleep with both.”  – JaCherry Kelanni Little

Listennnn when I tell you, the book opens dramatically and keeps that same energy until the very end. It starts with our female lead Kelanni setting a trap for Dax, the guy she’s been recently seeing.

The trap ultimately ends with the death of Dax at her hands. All is going according to plan until she leaves the police station and notices a dark-tinted SUV sitting across the street.

Soon after Kelanni finds herself being summoned over to the vehicle by Duke, Dax’s older brother. Apparently Duke is looking for answers and he knows she has them. Not really feeling satisfied with her answers Duke eventually decides to keep Kelanni close.

This of course only takes place after she catches another body of someone close to Duke; when Kelanni just so happens to take out his muscle for assaulting her friend.

rihanna over the shoulder look

JaCherry Kelanni Little, the gorgeous, red weave wearing beauty that is sexy but deadly when provoked is usually down when it comes to getting money. However, Kelanni is completely pissed when she is told that she will be working for Duke.

So much so, that at first she first refuses to work with him. She soon realizes there is no escaping it and Kelanni finds herself as Dukes. . . roommate. LMBO! Oooooh the craziness that ensues!!

Seemingly, Duke is aware that he can be easily taken by Kelanni if he is not careful. Knowing this, he plays it cool and keeps his guard up around the beauty. Which is completely understandable…Duke MUST stay alert because he knows whatever happened to his brother could just as well seal his fate if he gives in to temptation when it comes to Kelanni.

Soon he perceives that the beautiful daring redhead has a misconstrued view of him. Nevertheless, Duke is A BOSS! The sooner she understands that the better.

money in motion gif

Neither one of them is looking for love.

Both of them love getting money.

The attraction they share for one another grows by the day.

Eventually, all three elements collide LoveMoney – and Attraction. Things move along with the couple and then tragedy strikes. Only this time with the victim being someone you least expect. Sadly, everything kind of goes dark between the two. Readers are left wondering how can they come out of the darkness.

Suddenly a new mission consumes both Kelanni and Duke. For him, it’s total R&R, recover and revenge. For her, it’s strictly revenge.

Why 4 Stars? I actually enjoyed a combination of things with JKL. The fierce, sexy but deadly female lead with Kelanni and the boss mode ultra alpha male in Duke.

All of this blended with the dramatically suspenseful action-filled plotline. Thus making it a pretty good read! All in all, it’s a fun read with some serious undertones in it.

At least one scene should probably come with a trigger warning for anyone that experienced that kind of trauma. Just sayin. I do understand that trigger warnings can give away storylines but for some they are necessary.

Series: No. However, if you read the XYZ trilogy then you will be familiar with certain characters.
Recommendation: To all readers that love a strong fierce fiery female and solid Alpha males!
Plot/Storyline: A dramatic suspenseful romance
Writing: Good, thought out, pulls you in and was at times intense.

Now go forth and read, then come back and tell your Sistah Girls all about it!



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