4 STAR Review for Snowflake by Nia Forrester

Something about his posture didn’t call to mind slumber,
but collapse. Like someone who had been running hard
and fast for so long, that finally exhausted,
they could run no further.
– Inner Monologue of Asha

Kaleem Carter, affectionately known as Kal, is a Penn State track star that has his pick of the ladies. In fact, he’s been seen with multiple women flowing in and out of his apartment.

Kaleem has set his sight on the Olympics and is willing to work and train hard to get there. With his Father’s voice in his ear pushing him to reach the greatness within Kaleem seems to be looking good. Then the storm hits…

“I want that,” Asha told Kal earlier, when they were standing
together and watching it happen. I want someone to look at
me like that. “You deserve it,” he’d responded.
And he meant it.
– Asha and Kaleem

Snowflake aka Asha is the girl next door, literally. Asha is reserved, and if I’m honest she is also socially awkward. If you see her it won’t be out and about, it’s to class and back home.

She doesn’t have friends or a boyfriend to help fill in her downtime. And it almost seems as if she’s ok with that. Then enters Kaleem Carter, Thanksgiving break and a snowstorm. What could possibly go wrong….or right, right? *Raises Eyebrows* I mean Kal is pretty hot so things could definitely go right for Asha! 😉

Coiled strength, in a deceptively long and lean frame.
Did he know he was beautiful?
– Inner Monologue of Asha

Snowflake is that unexpected romance where opposites attract, friendship occurs and love is inevitable. I think Asha is every guys dream, she sort of goes with the flow does not feel the need to pressure Kal and appears cool with being just friends.

Wellllll, maybe it would be better if I say, she’s cool with it if Kal is cool with it. For this reason, it is not until Kal is challenged in a somewhat roundabout way concerning Asha that he sees that there could be more and he most certainly desires it to be so.

The Writing
Nia’s writing is official. She pulls readers in by allowing you to engage with her characters before a move is even made between the two. It never felt rushed, in fact, it felt just right.

There was a smooth storytelling style that merged with the personalities of both characters in a way that keeps the reader’s undivided attention. Almost like you know of a Kal or Asha in real life. I really dig that about her style. Oh, and that ending? It felt perfect! I like how she did that!

snow fall gif

To buy or Not to buy? Most definitely! It’s a great read, especially in the winter madness. Smart move Nia Forrester!!!

Series: No. Not that I know of, you will, however, see a few familiar faces.
Recommendation:  YES! Go 1click!
Plot/Storyline:  True to life romance and both characters have interesting background stories.
Writing:  It never felt rushed, the more you read the more you actually understand and appreciate both Kal and Asha.
Steam factor: High. On a scale of 1-10, I say 8. Kal and Asha carry major sex appeal that sizzles when together.

Now go forth and read, then come back and tell your Sistah Girls all about it!



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