The Sweetest Love (For Keeps Book 2) by D. Rose

D. Rose is quickly working her way into being one of my go-to authors with each new release. Her books touch on varied subjects that relate to love and being in love. Loving a person is not as easy as some romance novels purport.

It’s not always the sweet girl meeting the nice guy, sometimes it’s rough around the edges guy with a good heart and, a not so easy to trust female. You get my point though, right?

In this story, Malik Thompson, a sure candidate to go to the NBA with his basketball career looking golden, except he was missing one component–his bestie, Selimah. After making it big with lots of money and fame, he still had a piece missing.

Selimah, a much sought after designer in the world of high fashion was the center section in their storied relationship. Malik loved Selimah for as long as he could remember, and she had the reciprocal point of view. So, why on earth were they playing this game?

You already know the answer, they did not want to mess up their love and friendship with one another. So, let’s see, will we get to a happy feeling if they decided to throw caution to the wind, and just go for the good, good together?

So, let me stop right there and explain why this is a good thing!

1. Malik knew his way around a woman’s body like no one’s business
2. Their chemistry had me singing a new tune, I went from Alto to Mezzo-Soprano… trust me, sis!
3. Fear was a factor, only on that lame TV show, once they took it to the sheets.
4. The way the author spoke about how they looked at one another was enough to need to take a bathroom break to refresh. I like to watch him watching her in a storyline.
5. And finally, they were meant to be together, just on the fact they’d been friends for so long, and they trusted one another implicitly.

Their backstory and family dynamics played a part in their story, but it did not change the facts as I saw them. The couple went through more drama than a whore at a church revival meeting.

Malik and Selimah went through the fire and back again, to make it through with a few scratches here and there. The couple had to put in a lot of work because they had to mature over the progression of the story. They had to believe in their new romance to see each other’s flaws and, look beyond them.

Their raw chemistry kept them pushing forward. Who would blame them? Why miss out on a great thing simply because nerves got in the way? It was a good thing they had a network of good friends to root for them to make it as a couple.

Nina and Mecca’s story paled in comparison to the drama this couple endured. In the end, love prevailed, and nothing made me happier. The couple was super adorable.

You’ll enjoy this read, it’s a beautiful love story about friends to lovers.

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