The Way Things Are by Tasha L. Harrison

If you did not read book one, stop where you are, and devour The Truth of Things: The Truth Duet Book One. I’ll try to write this as spoiler free for those who have yet to read the first story, as this story picks up where the author left us in the first book.

The events that occurred in the first novel fueled the context for this version. Fair Warning: The author covers some intense materials in this story: Police corruption, mayhem, love, and passion as well as the truth about how power and privilege can corrupt.

Camden City Police Office Levi Raymond was the leading character in the first book. He met his love interest Ava Marie Greene in the most unusual circumstance. Their meeting is one for the books of unique first encounters that led to love. Officer Raymond swore to protect the citizens of Camden, some of his fellow officers had other plans.

In book two, Ava and Levi moved past the initial juxtaposition to a place of love and admiration, as they worked to solve a significant situation brewing within their city. The underlying story- two opposites who met under less than ideal circumstance yet found a way to love one another despite their difference and initial point of view.

Levi determined to live up to his family legacy as a good cop, yet a difficult time dealing with the drama emanating from known sources clouded matters. The author kept readers on our toes as she told this story of tragedy and the bonding of two souls connected to the heartbreak and misery of their truth.

Their love story was beautiful. It wasn’t too lustful, yet enough eroticism to make the points about their emotional connection. Their dialogue was endearing, and their relationship solidly built in the first story, so this covenant between them in the second story had my eyes leaking tears of joy. It was easy to see and feel their bond the way the author intertwined this story with the past.

The other parts of the story included Levi’s family and support system. The difference in the couples rearing was evident in this story. Levi had a relationship with both parents. Ava had precious few she could call upon for assistance. The story reminded reader’s her student was the focus in the police corruption story, and the reasons Ava and Levi had to move as one accord.

I love ancillary characters because they help build the nuances in the back story. Indigo, Alvarez, and Lorraine, each added to the account. Let’s hope to see some of the characters again down the road. In the end, the good guys prevailed, and evil deconstructed for now. Book two was worth the wait.

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