Love’s Octagon by Mel Dau

This is the story of Flemming and Naz. Flemming and Naz, meet at the right moment as if it was faith. Their connection was instant and their chemistry was off the charts.

When Flemming met Naz she never expected to fall in love quickly. However, Flemming’s past might be coming back to flip her whole new world upside down.

Naz wasted no time showing Flemming that he was nothing like her ex. He was supportive, caring and made sure she was taken care of. Although the romance they shared moved fast, you could tell that they had each other’s back.

This was shown in more ways than one. From the very first meeting, Naz showed up for Flemming without being asked. That is what I liked about this story. Naz was for sure Flemming’s knight in shining armor.

The wildest character in this story has to be Jeremy. The father to Flemming’s son, Scout was selfish to the point that he was unbelievable. His character is one of the biggest plot twists of the story. Trust me, when he enters the chat–you will be completely shook.

This tale has its share of spicy moments and will keep you entertained. If you enjoy stories that take you on a ride of ups and downs you would like this one. I felt the love in this one and it was good for a quick read.



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