A Sweet Heart: A Hale Girls novella (The Hale Girls Book 1) by Ashley Nicole

A Sweet Heart: A Hale Girls is a romance novella about Joseph Hale and Shane Lykes. Joseph ‘Joey’ Hale is a woman. She along with her two sisters are named after men because their father wanted boys.

The two characters meet when Joey, a constructor in her family’s firm meets a client, Shane (a particle physicist) for a tour around the house that he wants to renovate.

Things become rocky and explosive when Shane comes in very late for their first meeting and Joey refuses to accept his apology. The situation devolves into them trading insults and then eventually walking away to later hooking up and finally getting together.

I loved Joey,  she was a hoot. She was abrasive, unapologetic, and cussed a lot. She had a very energetic personality which I loved. Her antics kept me laughing. Shane was also a very good character. He seemed like the quiet nerd and then, BAMM!!!! he hits you with that hidden macho energy (that call me daddy energy), a sharp tongue and a wicked sense of humor.

I also loved the close relationship between the family. They carved out time to spend with each other despite seeing each other almost every day and I loved the way their obvious affection of each other came out as teasing.

The chemistry between Shane and Joey was something else…their sex scenes were hot. It could be felt from the pages of the book and the bickering rivals to lovers trope was perfectly written because the banter was very entertaining.

The banter between the sisters and every other member of the family was also very entertaining. Finally, I liked how the author touched on the vulnerability of both Joey and Shane and what they had to deal with as children and also how they both really came out of their comfort zones to make their relationship work.

Overall. I really enjoyed the book. It was an easy read and it kept me laughing throughout. I loved the dialogue and writing style. It was simple and flowed easily. I would totally recommend this as a light and fun romantic read. I gave this book four stars.



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