To Love Again by Cierra Hurt

My heart is hurting right now. Worse than the week before. How could they take him away from me, leaving me with uncertainty? My best friend, my shoulder to lean on, my fiancé, my unborn kid’s father.

My whole heart.

He…he was now gone. Somebody took him away from me…away from us. How am I going to do this without him? I’m six months pregnant with twins, our twins.

They’ll never see their father. That hurt’s the most. I needed to clear my head, but nothing seems to work. I needed to pray.

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you in this time of grief. I ask that you wrap your arms around me as this day goes on. To…to guide me through it. I need you right now God, I don’t know how I’m gone make it without him. Please, please guide me, lord. In your name Amen.

In my head, I kept saying “You got this Tylia” but in reality, I don’t. I need my baby back.

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