4 Reasons to one-click Quarantined: A Collection of Shorts by Sabrina B. Scales

Sistah Girls, we are still quarantined…for the most part! Most schools are virtual, so that means the kids are at home. There’s not much on TV and we keep witnessing injustice play out damn near every day! Ugh…deep sigh. So like you, I’ve been reading to keep me entertained.

Sabrina B. Scales collection of shorts filled my reading cup to the rim. If you need a good reason to dive in–I have four of em…

Mental vacation

As I said, there is entirely too much going on right now–everyone is deserving of a vacation. But since we are still fighting Miss Rona, reading Quarantined is probably your best medicine right about now. It will literally catapult you into another world…if for no other reason but to unwind and de-stress! I was wrapped up into these stories and you will be too sis.


This book packs some HEAT!  I mean scorching! I thought the sheets were going to go up in flames. All I could think was, “Damn Sabrina!” So get you some ice, a fan, or maybe get your man because you might be umm…squirming at some point!  I mean, Nicki thought she was going to die! Get my drift?

The storytelling is…

The stories are really good!!  The book contains three shorts, but the stories are well-written. It’s why Sabrina’s novels edge out other erotica books, in my opinion. She actually tells good stories and each of these three short stories have well-developed characters with an actual plot. So did Naughty AND Nasty (also by Sabrina B. Scales), by the way! Okay – back to Quarantined, but for a brief moment, I had to digress. Whew!


Last, but not least, all of these stories are interconnected!  Who knew? What I didn’t know when I read this book was that all of the characters are connected. You’ve got Jabara and Nicki.

Nicki’s brother, Courtney is with Milo. Milo’s brother Dominique is with Janay. Kinda like one big family. You don’t have to learn new characters when you read each short. So the book actually feels like a full-blown novel.

This book gets 5 STARS and is totally a one-click read!

-Blissful Bookworm



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