The Lure of Love by Iris Bolling

Iris Bolling has done it again!  She is the author of over 30 books! Her universe is comprised of many characters who interact with each other in most of her novels.

If you’re a fan like I am, it always feels like a family reunion. If you’re new to her work, I would say just jump in and start reading. Trust me, sis, you will want to go back and read her entire catalog. Here are three reasons to check out The Lure of Love

The Lure of Love by Iris Bolling


The Lure of Love is part of Bolling’s famous Heart series. Although recently published, the book was actually written in 2008 during the time Once You’ve Touched the Heart and The Heart of Him were written.

It’s all about family! That is one of the things that stands out. The Heart series is coming to an end with the final release, Hearts Reunited: The Re-Election, scheduled to come out on October 29, 2020.

The Lure of Love is about Alexis Harrison, who is JD’s cousin. Alexis’ father is Uncle Joe. Heart fans may remember when Tracy first met Uncle Joe, he had a loud, booming voice, and she was afraid of him. You’ll want to read about Alexis so you’ll be all caught up in knowing about the Harrison family.

Great Storytelling

Iris Bolling has a gift of writing good stories that are interconnected. She captivates you from the beginning and the next thing you know, you’re caught up in ALL of the characters –the main characters, supporting characters, and yes even the side chicks and f—-boys!

Hilarious and Hot

Can a book make you laugh and be hot at the same time? That’s what I found myself doing while reading this book. The couple is so cute and you can feel their chemistry.

“The two held each other’s gazes for a long few seconds. Then moved back into the closeness of their embrace. It was in that moment, the area between Lexi’s butt cheeks became alive.

She began to wiggle to try to stop the irritating feeling. ‘First time wearing a thong?’ Lexi’s head snapped up, as she gasped at his words. ‘Can you see it?’ she whispered in his ear.”

I was hollering and caught up at the same time.  Lol! The combination is fire! IJS (inside joke for true Iris Bolling fans 😉)

Trust me Sistah Girls, this book and series is it! Be sure to grab a copy of The Lure of Love and leave a review. If you love the book, let me know.

-Blissful Bookworm



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