Go Deep (Unexpected Lovers Book 1) by Rilzy Adams

Readers, I read a lot, and most of the time, I average an enjoyable read twice as many times based on the volume of materials I read monthly. It could be luck, but I think it is the authors I choose to read. My Goodreads stats indicated I read 400 days in a row and over 100 weeks simultaneously. So, I am confident you can trust the books I suggest.

I have a small checklist that will make me fall in love with a book, one, I like a cover that is sensory/visually appealing…it’s often the initial draw. The synopsis has to invite me to read the story–it’s the second hook.

Books with strong leading characters, either male or female is always prime. The book must be cohesive, sensible, and it has to be a page-turner. And lastly, the story must flow effortlessly until the conclusion (The End).

I recently read Go Deep (Unexpected Lovers Book 1) by Rilzy Adams and it had all the elements I needed. Here are five reasons why you should read this book…

#1 The Cover Is Super Sexy

I liked the book cover based on the intriguing photograph and its title. It was visually appealing and added loads of sensory exercises. Then after turning a few pages in the story, I prepared myself to enjoy a quick read. The cover had me thinking about a variety of ways to explain the title.

#2 The Synopsis

The synopsis in this story spoke about an author who wrote erotic romance stories but had lost her mojo and get this; she was celibate. When she asked her best friend to help her with a little problem, I prepared for the best friend between his sheets of dance.

Can you please explain how Navaya expected to write some hot materials if her lady parts had cobwebs growing from their core? That requires imagination. So, I get why she needed Xander’s help. As I rolled her ideas around in my head, I embraced it as a grand idea, especially after Xander’s description.

The friends to lover’s tropes fill one of my favorite types of stories to enjoy. The synopsis was a beautiful introduction to this story.

#3 Strong Female and Male Characters

In this story, both characters were strong-minded, and their connection super sexy. The storyline flowed, the characters are believable, and with a steamy relationship. I need a friend like Xander in my life. 

And the reason I liked him–he would drop anything to make sure his friend’s needs were taken care of whenever she called him. Both characters were decisive and opinionated. The author nicely told the usual reluctance to mess up their friendship to move it along to couple status—their likability is at 100%

#4 A Cohesive Page-turner

The story had humorous parts, frustrations over a lack of sex, and a desire for Navaya to get her writing and her groove back. Xander and Navaya’s initial next level attempts had me laughing because of the way the author described the encounter; it was too much fun.

And this type of story was what the doctor ordered. By the time Navaya and Xander decided to take things to the next level, I was ready to see what kind of steamy moves Xander had up his sleeves, and what his dick print had to say.

The story was cohesive, easy to connect with the characters, and the story flowed with many emotions, and side takes. I read the story in one afternoon because once I started reading, I could not stop until the story was complete. Like Michael Jackson said, “Don’t Stop til You Get Enough.”

#5 It’s a Sexy Tale

The intimacy was hot, steamy, and ultra-sexy. The author told the story with an erotic flair, and their steamy nights and days together burned the pages of desire and excitement. The story is a novella and the tale had enough presence and oomph to keep me entertained.


The story was terrific all the way through to the end. The author is one I look forward to reading her next novel. I am low-key excited already about the future possibilities.

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