Koffee Addict by Bella Jay

The bell dinged and I couldn’t move fast enough from my current seat into the one across from her. Her eyes stayed glued to the book resting in her palms just as they’d been for the past twenty minutes. I’d spotted her the moment she’d walked out the back and begrudgingly walked to the station laid out for her. Of the twenty women in this room, her energy screamed at me and I’ve paid no attention to anyone since.

Koffee Payne was every man’s dream – they just didn’t know it like I did. She still had that baby face full of innocence with bold eyes and full lips. She was petite with noticeable curves and hypnotic brown skin that still did something to me after four years.

As I rested my elbows on the table separating us, I cleared my throat and waited for her to give me her attention. She didn’t. I smirked because the Koffee I knew would have never set foot in a place like this. “I see Mrs. Payne still got that ass on lock,” I said, tittering and her head shot up. Her piercing gray eyes looked into my soul and my breath hitched. She still could do that.

Her face went from confused to shocked as recognition set in. “Oh my God, Romello…What — what are you doing here?”

“What are YOU doing here? Since when would your ass be caught dead at a speed dating event on Valentine’s Day?”

Koffee set her book on the desk, not breaking the smile she’d had since she said my name. “You already said it. Khadijah is a nut case. You’d think after Kari gave her babies, she’d get off my back. But now she’s on it even more.”

I shook my head at the mention of my childhood best friend. “Man, I still can’t believe that nigga fucked around and knocked up Niev’s crazy ass.”

“But he did.” She laughed and butterflies deadass flew into my stomach. The bell sounded again to switch partners and I reached out for her hand instead. “What?” she asked peering down at it.

“You know I’m not about to let you get away again Koko, let’s go.”

She looked around and hesitated but I wasn’t taking no for an answer, I grabbed her book and her hand and pulled her to her feet.

“Where are we going?” Koko asked as we stepped out into the cool February air. I looked down at her as her natural hair moved with the wind. She was stunning. “And you’re gonna get me killed. Khadijah was counting on me finding my husband tonight or at least someone presentable to bring home.”

“Nah you gon’ get yourself killed if you keep calling her Khadijah.” We both chuckled knowing her mom hated when she referred to her by her government name. “And what you mean find a husband? I’ve always had that spot.”

I winked at her and her brown cheeks turned a light shade of red. “Rome you still with the shits I see. The military ain’t change much.”

“Can’t change a real nigga,” I smirked and guided her down the street towards a park where I saw a few food trucks lined up. “How did Ma dukes get you to put on your Sunday best and come fake entertain random ass men?”

Koko kissed her teeth. “I hate you for that Sunday best comment,” she snarled. Koffee always had a unique style. She wasn’t one for dresses but you’d rarely catch her leaving her house without heels on. I never realized how sexy a woman could be in sweats and heels until her. But tonight she was rocking an all red mini dress that hugged her waist but wasn’t too tight around her hips. I couldn’t help but think about the drug between her legs. “But it’s her sorority event. That’s why she gon’ know I got kidnapped and kill the both of us.”

“Nah, she always loved me. You not safe though.”

“Wow,” she sang. “Can’t say I missed your ass.”

“You don’t have to say it. It’s all over you.” Koko looked away from me as we approached the park. “You hungry?”

“Yeah. That Korean BBQ food truck is my favorite.”

“Then that’s what we eating.” We grabbed some food and found ourselves back where it all began, the roof of our old high school.

“I can’t believe it’s still so easy to break in and get up here,” I commented as we sat on a blanket I had in my trunk.

“Right.” A small smile graced her face as she looked out into the world beyond us and took the last bite of her bomb ass tacos from the food truck. The smile was replaced with a solemn look. A look I knew.

“What’s on your mind Koko? You know your face never could hide anything.”

She pushed her hair behind her ears as her beautiful eyes took me in, pulling my soul into her. “Are you back for good? Or going back into the military or however that works.”

“I’m back for good. The military was cool and all but that shit ain’t for me. I did it because it was a way out but I definitely knew I ain’t wanna do more than the minimum required.” She nodded. “What? You not happy I’m back?”

“I’m sure Kari and everyone else will be happy you’re back.”

“I’m not asking about everybody else.”

“Romello, what does it matter? We both know ain’t shit changed because you’re still Kari’s best friend and I’m his baby sister—”

“And a grown ass woman. I ain’t tryna hear that shit anymore Koffee. It’s played out.” She groaned and placed her hands on the sides of her to push herself off the ground and I stopped her. “When you gon’ stop running from me.” I pulled her back down and positioned to where she straddled me. “I told you when I left, what it was gon’ be when I returned.”

“And I told you the last time we spoke to let me go. The sneaking around was cool when I was in high school but I’m 22 now, I’m not doing that anymore and I’m not trying to ’cause issues between twenty years of friendship. You and I both know Kari ain’t about to be with it and I don’t think my mom will either. Everybody knows your reputation they gon’ think I’ll be another one on your conquests.”

“First of all, Karamel don’t scare me. The nigga name is Karamel. The fuck I look like?” Koffee burst into a fit of giggles. “Second… fuck what everybody else think. You know what’s real. I would have never been your first if I ever had any intentions to fuck you over Ko. You’re just scared.”

“I’m not,” she challenged.

“Then what’s the problem?”

She had no answer because we both knew the truth. She was afraid of what we could be and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the same. Our connection was stronger than the most powerful magnets. We’d been fighting it for years but that shit was dead now.

I drew her to me and covered my mouth with hers, allowing our tongues to dance. Soft moans purred from her lips as I trailed kisses down her neck and ran my hands up her smooth shea butter’d thighs. Koffee was more addictive than the actual substance.

When her hands found the buckle of my belt, my entire body woke up to her every touch. She snatched and pulled and gripped at it until she set free the monster that belonged to her.

Her soft hands stroked me as my fingers invaded her warmth. She cried out and bit down on her bottom lip before throwing her head back and I could have came right then from watching her. “Give me this nut,” I commanded and she obeyed like I knew she would. The moment she creamed onto my hand, I tasted her. Better than before. “This what you want?” I quipped as my dick poked at her entrance.

“Yes,” she reached for it and I stopped her.

“So are you gonna let me love you or what?” I asked as her eyes begged for more. I didn’t give a fuck about anyone else or what they had to say – Koffee Payne was mine.

She held my dick and positioned herself over it. “I am,” she said will full conviction as our bodies became one and I knew this was one addiction whether good or bad that I’d never let go of.

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