Spring Blossoms by Tiye Love

Hey, sis!  We’re still in a pandemic and the seasons have definitely changed. Fall is the perfect time to start a book series, especially since most of us are indoors…unfortunately. You have to check out the A Love for All Series by Tiye Love.

There are four books in this series: Autumn Falls, The Winter Date, Spring Blossoms, and The Summer Storm (not released, yet). So I’ve been reading the series and the first two books were very good…loved them. BUT, what made me “pick up my pen,” call Sharee and say hold the presses, was Spring Blossoms. OMG!

There are four sisters: Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Yes, those are their real names.  All of them are named after the seasons but was the one who Spring captured my heart. She is the second oldest of the four sisters and the most strong-willed. But at her core, Spring has a sweetness and vulnerability about her that will make you want to give her a big ole hug.

Spring has no problem with getting a man for, um, recreational purposes. So when she sets her eyes on Miles, she is shocked that he’s not interested. Spring is like, really? No man rejects Spring.

On the flip side, Miles is really attracted to Spring but he must protect his heart. Of course, they give in and when they do…baaabyyy…it’s on and poppin’! Fireworks ignite and these “enemies” become lovers.

Their relationship is not without obstacles.  Spring must trust Miles and let him inside her heart, but it is not easy.  Miles becomes frustrated with Spring. Her family is frustrated with Spring. Hell, I was frustrated!  I kept screaming, why not Spring, why not?!

Tiye Love does a great job of keeping the reader their toes until the end. Three last points: 1) There is a HEA. 2) The ending is explosive! 3) Summer’s book is going to be totally one-clickable.

This book gets 5 stars!

5 stars

-Blissful Bookworm



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