Definitely an automatic 1-click

There are some authors whose new releases I will 1-click without even needing to read the synopsis. Nia Forrester is one of those authors.

She always delivers clever and beautifully written fiction with seemingly effortless character development and stellar pacing. You immediately get pulled into her stories so that you feel like you are there with the characters, experiencing everything in the same way that they do.

When I heard The Makeover was live, I 1-clicked. Yes, I’d already exceeded my monthly budget for book buying, but I knew that a new Nia Forrester novel would be worth it.

I was definitely NOT disappointed.

Sistah Girls Book Club

The Makeover is a friends-to-lovers story that revolves around Sam and Colton’s lifelong friendship and what happens when they decide to cross the line from platonic to romantic.

Set in Washington, DC, The Makeover presents us with a very true to reality tale of modern friendship, love, and life.Sam and Colton are flawed in a way that makes them completely relatable. Yes, there will be moments when you shake your head at them, cheer them on or even want to grab them by the shoulders and shake some sense into them.

And that’s the beauty of it: Nia Forrester is a master at creating characters that you care about and with whom you empathize. As always, the chemistry between our lead characters is hot. And the cast of supporting characters is just as compelling.

True-to-life issues further enrich this modern love story

One of the things I appreciated most about The Makeover was how Nia handles true-to-life issues–from Sam’s hesitation to trust in moving forward with something that could ruin the connection she and Colton (and their families) have always had, to the culture of fame and how Colton’s celebrity affects him and everyone around him, to even how Sam deals with the pressure of working for a lobbying agency and knowing that some politicians are only interested in attention-grabbing soundbites and not actually solving the problems at hand. I love how Nia weaves in these doses of reality to enrich her novels and add more layers to the characters and their arcs.

Take my advice: even if you’ve already exceeded your book-buying budget for the month, you need to buy and read The Makeover. It’s a funny, romantic and honest portrayal of modern love and the tricky path we take when it comes to affairs of the heart. Highly recommended!

My rating? 5 stars.



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