Why Don’t We Fall in Love by Chelsea Maria

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First, let me just state that in a short amount of time this author has quickly become one of my favorites! 6 months in the year 2018 and she is literally becoming a G.O.A.T in the romance genre. Like sis pen must have rubbed against the coattail of Jesus garment because it’s truly anointed. Reading a Chelsea Maria novel I can guarantee 3 things when reading: I will fall in love, I will feel the characters faith, and I will be thoroughly entertained.

So let’s hop right into it:

Nyla and Chea was a great friends to lovers tale. The amount of love that Chea had for Nyla had me hooked from the beginning. Like seriously where can I find my Chea bae? I loved that he recognized what recognized what he wanted, set out a plan, and then executed it. One of his plans had me raise my eyebrows but I knew he would eventually learn and he did.

Nyla sweet Nyla. I felt her hurt and tried to accept her pain. I couldn’t be quick to judge her because, well, simply put, hurt people often block blessings of the heart thinking they can save their arm by cutting off the elbow. Fear makes us do some crazy things.

Can love defeat fear that holds your heart captive? Read this novel to find out.

Nyla Monroe prided herself on never falling in love. She wore it like a badge of honor. Unlike her free-spirited friends, who freely loved, she created a rule book that gave her specific instructions to follow when it came to guarding her heart. Over the years, Nyla allowed her painful childhood to be a blanket of protection and reason behind being anti-love.

At thirty years old, Nyla finally grew tired of her Mother’s coddling ways and decided it was time for a change. Unsure of the first place to start looking, the person who has always guided her steps in and opens his home to her–her best friend Chea Bradley. Whenever these two are in the same vicinity of one another, a harmony of love encompassed them to the point of suffocation, but what can be done when one is determined not to fall?

Uprooting from all she knew, Nyla heads to Colorado with the intentions of getting her business off the ground. Along the way of expanding her brand, it seems Cupid has a bow with Nyla’s name on it ready to strike its target–her heart, causing her to be open and honest about her feelings.

Chea Bradley is a man of strength and determination. Every step he has taken in life has been calculated down to the house he would buy. Unlike Nyla, who is blind to their unmeasurable chemistry, Chea steps in and gives Nyla all the love and strength she never thought she needed. But will that be enough? Will these two best friends of eight years do the unthinkable and embrace the inevitable, or will the fear of falling in love keep them stagnate?

My personal opinion: 5 stars 🌟 I laughed cried & identified with both characters. I definitely recommend you all to pick up one of her novels you won’t regret it.

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