Backslide 2 by Keith Thomas Walker

Page length: 275 pages


Kole blacks out when a good friend is murdered. He returns to the helm of The Organization and will stop at nothing to exact revenge. His unraveling threatens to undo all of the progress he and Dana have made. When his enemies set their sights on the woman he loves, Kole becomes even more dangerous.

Note: This is the second installment of this book series. Click HERE to read part one.

Sistah Girls Book ClubI’ll begin by saying Keith Thomas Walker is one of my favorite male voices in the romance writer’s world. He tells the best stories from a man’s point of view. I was happy to learn there would be a part two in the Kole and Dana saga.

In this story, Kole and Dana were one year into their new relationship when tragedy with one of his closest friend struck the family. The events of that day turned Kole into the demon; he vehemently wanted to keep dormant. Because of the closeness he held with the deceased, Kole was unable to contain his anger. He was forced to unleash the beast inside himself with a reckless abandon.

Before the turmoil, Kole and Dana planned to rejoice after Tariq’s graduation from high school and plans to attend one of the top-tier universities in Florida. Much of their planning for the next phase in their lives halted, once threats extorted his beloved new family when forces of evil surfaced.

Kole’s only recourse to keep Dana and Tariq safe involved rejoining his former team as the leader of The Organization. Once Kole started to seek the persons responsible for his brother’s situation, he began the extraction process from Dana’s heart and distanced himself from both her and Tariq to shelter them from his troubled plans for revenge.

Dana was not having it and fought for Kole not to forsake her as he did once before when trouble arrived at their doorsteps. The weapons of mass destruction in this story was called Kole and The Organization. He and his men fought a band of racist brethren determined to start a war.

The bloodshed in their name of supremacy did not get the chance to fulfill the prophecy as Kole was able to outsmart his enemy. All the while, Tariq did not like the way Kole maneuvered his mother like a pawn in a chess match. He was willing to stand up to the man who’d saved his hide the year before. It was a blessing when Kole did not whip the lad’s butt and send him to his room. However, I understood Tariq’s heart.

As the story closed, Dana remained diligent in her quest to be Koles woman, and in the end, she received the needed outcome, all the while refusing to accept defeat. By the way, this story would make an excellent move. The chocolate god in Black Panther would be a superb choice. Not sure about the female lead. I highly recommend this author and this book wholeheartedly!





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