Love On The Highlight Reel by Christina C. Jones

Another 5 STAR BANGER! Christina C. Jones and Love Belvin❤ These two as team…

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Alright now, this series has set a bar and it’s very high. No pressure. LOL!

Dear Jordan,

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Have 911 on speed dial because this wild fire spreads fast. Things heat up between Connecticut Kings beauty exec Cole and their hot wide receiver Jordan. However, Cole tries to control the flames, much like she does everything else. It works at first but not for too long, because just like a raging fire, Jordan is not really one to be controlled.

“Nicki,” I said, without even thinking about it. “I want Nicki.” -Jordan

Jordan Johnson

Jordan aka JJ is the star wide receiver for the Connecticut Kings. He’s six foot five inches, two hundred thirty pounds of extra dark chocolate coated muscle *YUM* He’s one of the best in the league. Best known for his wild ways as well as his sharp wit tongue. JJ admittedly has a lot riding on this upcoming season, he needs to win.

Like every other player, his sights are set on the Super Bowl. My man wants a ring! When a chance at love presents itself other things begin to shift in his life too. But don’t get it twisted he still wants that ring!

“I didn’t realize you were the jealous type, Mr. Johnson.”

“I’m not,” he insisted. “I’m just… possessive. Or something.” -Jordan and Cole

Nicole Richardson

Cole is Assistant Director of Player Success for the Connecticut Kings. She’s also the daughter of the owner for the Kings franchise. Cole is beautiful, intelligent, determined, competitive and strong-willed.

Working in a male-dominated field I’m sure plays a big part in her focus driven character. Not one to be easily outdone by her male counterparts, Cole’s presence alone garner’s respect from her colleagues. Which only goes to show just how good she is at what she does.

As romantic feelings for Jordan surface, she calls an audible. She sets rules and with good reason, in my humble opinion. Hesitant to put her reputation along with her heart in a position to get hurt; Cole makes a decision that Jordan needs to agree to before they go any further.

(audible– Change in the offensive play called by the quarterback at the line of scrimmage.)

What I liked

No, it’s what I loved, I loved Cole’s relationship with her father. I liked the dynamics in which he genuinely yet diligently groomed her from childhood to be all she can be and then some. Although surrounded by males Cole was allowed to THRIVE in her purpose.

What I disliked

Jordan’s father. That dude had some major issues. I’d love for Ezra to get a hold of his butt. LOL! No seriously, he needs help.


This is a TOP fave for me from Jones. It also has a mention of one of my other fave heroine’s from her ❤Nubia❤ As well as two characters from a previous book that I enjoyed! I won’t name them I’ll let it be a surprise for her fans. The Writing was strong. She had great leads and great secondary characters adding that spice to an already delicious story.

So who’s next? Will we be getting more? I hope so! I’m leaning toward Sanchez mm..maybe I don’t know seems like he and Presley have a little something-something.

To buy or Not to buy? Buy!! GO 1-CLICK NOW

Series: Yes, this is book 2 in The Connecticut Kings series. I suggest reading in order.

Recommendation: I recommend to alllll romance lovers!

Plot/Storyline: Very well done I love a good second chance romance and Jones NAILED IT!

Writing: Strong, Sensual with characters that grow before your eyes. Especially Jordan.

Steam factor: On a scale of 1-10 I say 9. Yeah, it was fire!

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Now go forth and read, then come tell us what you thought about it! If only just a few words, remember that reviews are important to authors.



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