Classic Black Romance Novels

Sistah Girls, have you ever wondered what makes a romance novel a classic? Well, I believe a story that stands the test of time is a big qualifier when it comes to creating a classic romance novel. 

But do you think newer books can be deemed classic? Or at the very least be called a classic in the making? All of this is subjective to the reader and with that in mind, here are some classic Black romance novels you should read. 

I’ve added some newer (but not that new) published novels because I believe they are classics in the making. Meaning in a few more years those stories will be deemed classic romance novels.

Remember you heard it here first. 

A Cinderella Affair (The Donovans Book 2) by A.C. Arthur

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Released August 2007 – The title alone had the fairytale love story style many young girls dream about living. In this story, clothing designer Camille Davis met one of the infamous Donovan men, and to her dismay and his delight, the pair began a tug of war with the other’s hearts.

Island Fantasy (Kimani Hottie Book 2) by Kayla Perrin

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Released Jan 2010– The saying to get over one man is to get under another man was perfect for this story. Shayna Kenyon found her soon-to-be husband cheating on their wedding day and ended the relationship.

However, when she met Donovan Deval, he was hot enough to help her forget her cheating ex.

Heart’s Secret (A Match Made Novel Book 1) by Adrianne Byrd

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Released May 2010– Melanie Harte is a matchmaker. Jaxon Landon’s meddling grandmother hired Melanie to find him a woman of substance. He then matches with former model Zora Campbell.

The problem? What will happen if Jaxon discovers the big secret that his new love is an orchestrated plan by his grandmother?

Irresistible Forces (Forged of Steele Book 5) by Brenda Jackson

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Released Jan 2014– Brenda Jackson is cemented on my must-read lists. And this island fling/romance added extra spice during the time of this story (9 years ago). Taylor Steele wants a no-string interaction with a baby as the goal. Unfortunately, the man she targeted was more than she bargained for.

Thief of My Heart (Kimani Hottie Book 61) by Janice Sims

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Released Feb. 2015 What if a love interest pursues you, and then he stops suddenly- what is the next step? That was the situation between Desiree Gaines and Decker Riley. Should she stop running and let him steal her heart? Yes.

Tender Kisses (The Grays of Los Angeles Book 1) by Sheryl Lister

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Released April 2016– A good, almost enemy-to-lover story is a fan favorite. In this story, two workaholics try to navigate a relationship when their mutual interests and business interests collide; it was lovely to read the outcome.

Soon-To-Be Classics 

Sweeter Than Revenge- (It’s Complicated Book 4) by Ann Christopher

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Released March 2017– An enemy-to-lover story with a revenge element makes my day every time. I had the time of my life re-reading this remarkable story, it gave me all the feels. 

If Only For The Summer by Alexandra Warren

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Released July 2017– Nova and Guy were matched by a mutual friend with the idea Guy and Nova would be a great couple. The pair settled on a friend-with-benefits relationship, if only for the summer.

The story is the most amazing Summer treat–but you will enjoy it any time of the year.

The Rhythm of Blues (Love in Rhythm & Blues Book 1) by Love Belvin

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Released November 2017Ragee, a well-known R&B artist, and music producer had a mysterious side. Wynter Blue left her job as a social worker to pursue her secret desire to be part of the music industry. Their meeting resembled a cloudy day in the summer, and you will not want to miss this entertaining tale.

Give Me A Reason (In The Heart of A Valentine Book 3) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

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Released November 2018 Lance Valentine, a film director, is under investigation by a local tv station. Allison Sullivan, the investigative journalist, is on the hook with this probe. But unfortunately, Allison discovered the man suspected of wrongdoing was from the notorious Valentine family. This story is a page-turner that will keep you glued. 

And The We Fall In Love by Kay Shanee

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Released-February 2021– Between Keyla Carson and Rashawn Hanes, neither planned to fall in love or marry. But their plans changed when a fling turned into a passion. The story is a spin-off from an earlier book, Roll Bounce Love. I suggest you read it first.

Sistah Girls, there are so many classics to choose from; I gave you a shortlist. Let me hear from you, and tell me what you think about the list. Until the next time!

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