Sistah Girls, I love reading different genres!  And now that I am exploring more I have found some new to me authors that you should definitely check out.

This list has a little bit of everything for you to sink your teeth in, I have included some Black romance, Young Adult, and Urban Fiction. Here are five authors you should definitely one-click…

Love Is a Revolution by Renée Watson

Before I could even check out the synopsis the cover stopped me dead in my tracks. The cover is beautiful, a plus-size girl is gracing it (bonus), and it’s a romance story (double bonus).

This is the kind of book I read growing up. It’s a relatable coming of age story that will keep you entertained. Sistah Girls of all ages can read and enjoy this story

Love 101: A Novella by Aubree Pynn

I loved how outspoken the main character is and she didn’t take any mess. She put a few people in their place, respectively. I enjoy reading the enemies to loves trope and this was it. I also really enjoyed the family dynamics that played a major role in this story.

Cupid’s Quest by Amber Monroe

I enjoyed Cupid’s Quest because the main character, Rina was relatable and realistic. She’s around my age and still trying to figure things out. Online and dating on apps are the thing right now and I liked how it was incorporated into this story.

A Cold Winter With A Hot Boy by S.Yvonne

This is a classic hood book if I do say so myself. This will satisfy your urban taste buds, and it will have you deeply invested in the main character, Armani. This is a roller coaster ride and I definitely will be checking out more of this author’s work and the sequel to this story.

Monopoly by M.T. Dixon

If you like to travel and like guys that aren’t stingy with their money or time–this one is definitely for you. I really enjoyed this story,  I’m all about solo travel and women who have their own. This book had all of that and more. I gave me my travel fix during quarantine so it had to make it to the list.

So there you have it Sistah Girls, a few new to me authors that I think you should check out. If you’ve read any of these please let me know in the comments section.



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