And Then We Fell In Love by Kay Shanee

We first met Keyla Carson and Rashawn Hanes, in Roll Bounce Love. While it isn’t necessary to read the first book, I would encourage you to read it because it gives you a better look at how their relationship started.

The story starts with Keyla and Rashawn having a “friends with benefits” relationship, but things begin to shift.

They are both battling their issues with one another, Keyla was too busy focusing on Rashawn’s past, his player ways were bothersome to her. While Rashawn was busy trying to prove that he wasn’t that person anymore and he wants to love her. 

I loved the chemistry between the main characters. It was felt from the very beginning. No matter how hard they tried to fight it, there was no denying that these two had strong feelings for each other.

The heroine Keyla is strong-willed and independent. Whenever Keyla had an issue and felt the need to speak up for herself she did– I admired that about her. At times it can become so easy for us to get caught up in a relationship and forget who we are. 

Rashawn is an alpha male and was full of BDE. At times he aggravated me, but when I learned of his past and why he acted the way he did, my heart went out to him. 

In the end, love prevailed, and they were able to get through the many obstacles thrown their way. There were some emotional rollercoaster moments that will definitely pull at your heartstrings, and there were also some comical moments. 

I give this book 5 stars and I would highly recommend it. 



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