Business Not As Usual by Sharon C. Cooper

Sistah Girls, the release of Business Not As Usual by Sharon C. Cooper was just in time for a lovely spring vibe and a chance to laugh and enjoy a funny story.

Dreamy Daniels has a weekly obsession–she plays the same lottery numbers, a tradition she has long held with her grandfather. She lives a modest life and even though her job is not fulfilling she makes the best of it.

Her boss might be the grumpiest and most arrogant boss on this side of the planet–but Dreamy knows if she can just stay focused she will eventually become her own boss. 

Dreamy’s actions reminded me of antics from the 1960s sitcom “I Love Lucy.” Dreamy was the Black version with a similar type of vibrant red hair, and she matched the sitcom’s vibe. Dreamy’s style of dress, red hair and exuberant personality fit the story’s theme.

Her exaggerated style of doing things will keep you glued to the story. Although the tale starts slow, the comical parts help to pace the book. 

The story has three parts that intertwine the story. First, Dreamy gave us carte blanche to see her true persona. She was quirky, lovable, and feisty; she was clumsy and brilliant. You will enjoy her quirky demeanor and her outgoing personality.

A True Rom-com

The second component shows how opposites attract. Karter Redford was diametrically different from Dreamy. Karter was a buttoned-up eloquent man who Dreamy’s boss wanted to invest in a business idea. And no one, I mean no one, would have ever believed the two would be in a relationship. Yet, there were segments in their tales where laughter and romance were in full force.

The squeaky shoe incident when Karter and Dreamy first met, the wig roll and run, yet another incident, and Dreamy always dressed flashy and bright daily. Karter, a wealthy businessman with a powerful persona, did not know what was in store. The thought alone made it impossible to believe Dreamy and Karter had anything in common. And their ongoing awkward incidents between Dreamy and Karter were so much fun.

The third part of the story shows readers the many sides of both Karter and Dreamy in full comedic mode while also showcasing the romance. The lottery part of the story added another component with the family values lure.

Karter and Dreamy were mismatched in all manners except where it mattered. The story ends with an expected plot twist with the lottery. However, the ending was a grand gesture to help readers understand that everyone’s business does not have the same outcomes. Sometimes we need to step outside our boxes, walk a mile in another person’s shoes, and dream a little!

Sistah Girls, I would without a doubt recommend this rom-com to anyone who loves romance with some comedy. 

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