Don’t Make Me Wait by Kami Holt

That’s a good man Savannah (it’s for real this time). That’s by far the definition of Messiah Graham.

Messiah and Miyana’s love story is sweet with a little bit of spice and plenty of laughs. From tragedy and trauma to triumph these two take you through all the feels.

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Pro athlete Messiah comes from strong family ties so showing up time and time again for Miyana is just what he does. New Mom Miyana struggles with the transitions in her life and the only constant is Messiah.

Their friendship is strong, but the lines blur when they both face a loss and circumstances force them together to grieve.

I loved the banter between the main characters and the side characters. It had me laughing out loud. Some of the content can be heavy but Holt does a great job of walking us through those tough moments with the characters, we get to see their journey to wholeness and love.

The contrast between the two family dynamics added to the character development, we get to see the why behind their decision-making and fears.

You will still roll your eyes and suck your teeth with these two but the detailed writing makes room for understanding. Outside of the shenanigans that we love so much you walk away feeling good. *Le sigh* and wanting a man like Siah

I would have liked to see more of the struggle that the main characters went through as their feelings shifted for each other, I think the build-up and angst would have added just a smidge more steam, but that’s just me.

Now overall would I recommend it? Absolutely!

It’s a good read to get you out of a reading slump and Kami Holt knew what she was doing when she gave us Messiah!



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