Review: How To Get A Baller In 90 Days by Danesha Little

Sistah Girls, I have news you can use. Are you ready? Danesha Little has a new release, and it was fabulous! The story is about an athlete and a newspaper reporter.

Here is the premise

In the story, Candace Wright is a writer for the Nashville Times, and when she decided she could bag the most popular football player in Nashville the challenge began.

The player was ever-popular Maverick Frost, a newfound activist. Now he was a man’s man–a joke, and baby I loved him.  Candace was a little funny, she always talked to herself out loud, and she was a little dainty ditzy–think Whitley Gilbert. I liked how their story naturally progressed, I bought the idea, hook, line, and sinker.

The Fun Parts

The way the author described Candace’s face plants and clumsy acts had me laughing and rolling my eyes at her antics. How on earth would this man be interested in this woman who could not-keep-her-balance to save her life?

A few times, Candace’s behavior reminded me of Issa Rae’s comedic genius. Or scenes from vintage shows like I Love Lucy.

Then there was Maverick Frost. His name alone had me changing my undies a few times. Maverick was the top athlete in Nashville and a new spokesperson in support of Black folks. He wanted to use his platform to let others know it was time for a change.

What I Loved

The story was fun; I was laughing for most of the story. The storyline had motivational details about the author’s perception of race relations and the man pulling strings behind the curtain. The dialogue tightly weaves tidbits of headline news and fictional information.

The tale was not preachy or too political. There was a healthy balance of social activism and romantic moments. You will also enjoy how the story developed each character, and the ancillary folks in the background were vital to the outcome. Sports fans will be happy too.

The story will make you mad and woke at the same time. But, overall, the story was real-life, and it was a sweet romance. I adored this new edition.

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