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So this weekend I went on a little reading binge and ran across a heavily anticipated book from the one and only Sabrina E L B Scales. Forgive me as I stan throughout this post because this author is truly gifted. She wove a story that flowed so beautifully that it brought me to tears. This book showed me an ugly side of love that with care could be morphed into something truly beautiful. So let’s hop right on into this review.

The book is broken down into four subsections that all tie into one another in some form. Each connection keeps drawn in.

The Pact is how the book begins. It’s the classic friends to lovers tale. It introduces us to Robyn who makes a pact to marry her best friend Marcus if they are single by a set age. Things go array when one of the two is no longer willing to play this childish game and forces the other to acknowledge that sometimes feelings change.

The Gift shows us that sometimes there us love after loss. Belamy has been unlucky in not only love but also with gaining the one thing she feels she was put on this earth to do: bare children. An ugly divorce and a blind date from heaven (with a hilarious name “Demarkaveon.”) produce a love story worthy to be told.

The Decision. My God, why did this author make me fall in love with a man I can’t have in real life? Leif showed and proved that a man that loves you beyond your faults and helps you carry your baggage is a man worth your time. When backed against a wall Tremaine is forced to do something she’s never done trust a man. Can Leif be that man for her?

The Loss. Oh, my goodness. When you read this one you may want to grab a tissue. I felt every low, rejoiced at every high, and cried my heart out over this portion of the story. Grieving and guilt hit people in so many different ways, sometimes those things hurt others.

Khalil is in constant pursuit of healing his broken wife. Two different traumas broke Justine down, to the point where she is no longer speaking to her husband. Khalil is at his wits end battling with his own grief but he is determined to get their lives back on track. Can one last act of love provide the healing the two of them need?

The journey to and through motherhood is as unique and different for each of us as petals to a flower. Here are the stories of four very different women, navigating their way through love and motherhood in their own special way.

The Pact

Robyn is a sassy go-getter who unintentionally put motherhood on hold to pursue other endeavors. A pact made between she and her best friend, Marcus, when they were both too young to comprehend the weight of a promise, has finally reached its due date, and neither of them expected for things to get so complicated.

The Gift

Belamy is the owner of a local daycare, surrounded by children every single day, but unable to bear a child of her own. The guilt of her situation forces her to literally foster children in an attempt to fill the void, but her husband, Steven, has grown tired of licking her wounds when the temporary living conditions expire, and the children find forever homes.

One particular child who falls into Belamy’s arms in the most bizarre circumstances seems to be a perfect fit. But her permanent placement in Belamy’s heart could potentially take up more space than Steven is willing to share.

The Decision

Tremaine is a hard-working, independent, around the way girl, tormented by a past that has forced her to be reclusive. With no real example of a model relationship or model parenting, she avoids anything beyond physical intimacy at all costs.

Until… Leif comes along with just as much baggage as she has, willing to help her carry the load. Somewhere along the way, a moment of spontaneity leaves the both of them sitting with a decision that will change the course of their relationship.

The Loss

Justine is a Preacher’s daughter who has done everything right for the most part. She fell in love with the man of her dreams, Khalil, when he literally swept her off her feet. A short while into their relationship, a tragic event takes place, leaving Justine with a difficult decision. She makes it, and is better because of it until things fall apart in the worst way that any mother could ever imagine.

My Personal opinion/rating: 5 stars across the board. This author has grown so much and I am happy to say that she is becoming one of my favorites. Do yourself a favor and one click this novel. Then head over to read her The Bricks series.

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