The Illest Taboo: (An Enemies to Lovers Romance) by K.L. Hall

River Newman didn’t have “the good life,” she is a twenty-four-year-old teacher who has bills piling up and in debt. Her best friend Suki does live a lavish life with her husband, Luca, and daughter, Noemi. Maverick is Luca’s recently released brother. He is not River’s cup of tea at all, she actually can’t stand him.

Maverick knows this and takes every chance he gets to get under her skin. When something tragically happens to Suki and Luca, it’s up to River and Maverick to be there for Noemi. Can these two work it out for the sake of Noemi or will her life fall apart because of them?

The-Illest-Taboo-K.L. Hall

It’s clear at the beginning that Maverick brings out a different side of River, he’s oblivious as to why she doesn’t like him. And like a true enemies-to-lovers story, once someone claims the other is up to no good, you know the sparks will fly.

Maverick’s ambition to get more out of life is refreshing to read, he embarks on doing something that’s creative–I haven’t seen that specific career curveball in Urban literature.

River’s lifestyle is completely different from her friend’s, I enjoyed reading the dynamics and the differences in their lives. I also liked that River wasn’t ashamed of her lifestyle. She embraced it and was proud of what she had.

When The Ex Enters The Chat

Throughout the story, River’s ex, Leander continuously did some messed-up stuff to River. I felt as though he went overboard and was unnecessary. He was not worth the amount of time River spent on him. I also feel that once Maverick warmed up to his niece it was so adorable to read.

There is a major plot twist in this story that took me by surprise–I wasn’t expecting it at all, but it made the story exciting. K.L. Hall did a great job of pacing this story. I feel like I walked away knowing who the characters were.

It was also interesting enough to keep me engaged the entire time I was reading. I can honestly give this four out of five stars. It wasn’t what I expected this to be in a good way. It kept me entertained, had the enemies to lovers dynamic, and had super cute family moments.



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