The Loyal Wife by B. Love

Imagine waking up in the hospital with no memories of the beautiful woman standing before you claiming to be your wife.

Dante Williams’ wife, Sade, tries to fill in the blanks, but frustration quickly settles in when Dante’s only memories are of himself. Something within him feels off, and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it by any means necessary.

The Loyal Wife by B. Love is a tale of secrets, jealousy, and corruption.

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As the story begins, trouble is looming for Dante and his business partners. Prison is on the horizon, and Dante is left holding the bag. However, before his world can come tumbling down, Dante is in a car accident that changes the course of his life.

Enter Sade, a loving and caring wife to Dante. He’s not buying what she’s selling, and although this knowledge saddens her, Sade does not give up on her man or their marriage.

I have to admit that Sade was diabolical in her actions to keep Dante right where he was. No one was safe if they tried to get between her and her man. My mouth hit the floor several times behind Sade and her actions.

The novel’s pace kept me on the edge of my seat because the twists were twisting—cue suspenseful music. It wasn’t too fast, where I had no idea how something happened, and it wasn’t too slow, where I felt like the story was dragging.

The story journeys back and forth in time, but everything seemed to happen right when it was supposed to, and I enjoyed that no part of this story was predictable.

I loved the unexpected ending. Talk about jaw-dropping craziness. Sade pulled out all the stops for her marriage, and then BOOM… I had to go back a few pages to see if B. Love really played in our faces the way she did. I just couldn’t believe that ending, but it was perfect for how the story flowed up to that point.

From the beginning, I disliked Imani. I can’t explain her role without giving away a significant part of the plot, but I was hoping B. Love had included a dirt nap for her.

She was nasty for absolutely no reason. Imani explained her behavior, but I called bull crap. B. Love did a fantastic job of creating the ultimate protagonist. She got what she deserved… except; you know–that one thing.

What stuck out to me the most was how some characters should have minded their business and didn’t. They say curiosity kills the cat, and after messing with Dante and Sade, that saying had never been more accurate.

If you witness something that doesn’t quite sit right in your spirit, just go ahead and mind your business, lol.

I recommend The Loyal Wife because it’s very entertaining and unpredictable.

Happy reading, and don’t forget to leave a review!

– Reading w/Erika B.



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