Sistah Girls, there is a reason why we romance novel babes love our book baes, and Danielle Marcus’ Thick of Love gave me a wide selection to choose from. 

I didn’t get down to Thick of Love thinking I’d be hooked from the jump, in fact, I only reached for it because I needed a moment, and so I thought, “let me read for just a bit,” you know, to get my groove back.

Next thing I know, I’m a couple of chapters into the story, yelling “Candy, just get with Diego already, don’t be stupid!”

The story is centered on three protagonists: Dallas, Sasha, and Candy, and you get a front-row seat watching them navigate life together and separately. The story and characters felt familiar, it didn’t take long for me to get a good grasp on who everyone was, and more importantly, who they were trying to become. 

Dallas, Sasha, and Candy were not in a perfect place when they found love… in fact, their bae’s had to wait for them to come around. And because of that, you see their fears, indecisions, and insecurities, which are not rushed, but detailed to show you how they get to the other side.

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This is not a struggle love story, no thank you very much. I think Black women deserve love stories that show us as the prize while enjoying some good loving. But this is still a story where the characters kiss a few frogs before they find long-lasting love.

 When it comes to the men in this story… whew! Trent, Diego, and DeVaughn have that sexy grown man’s energy, and sis–I’m so here for it.

The story touches on issues like mental health, childhood trauma, and moral injury, which adds depth to the novel. Lastly, I appreciated the shout-out that Marcus gave her readers at the beginning of the book.

From the office of a self-appointed chairperson of romance binge-reading, Danielle Marcus, thank you for writing a story that centers on and celebrates Black love.  



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