To Have Her Again by Kay Shanee

Hey sis!  Can you believe that I read another book by an author that I’ve never read before? I found out at the end that it was actually part of a series, too, but trust me, it won’t matter–it’s that good.

I read the synopsis and since I love a good second-chance story, I thought why not give it a try? At exactly 36% in, I had cried tears of sadness and then blushed all kinds of crimson (and I’m not even light-skinned…lol).

I was hooked, lined, and sunk into this book!  Yep – it was another book coma for me.

The main characters are Myles and Everleigh. Myles is a hustler trying to leave the game.  Everleigh is eighteen and forced to choose between the safety of her family and her heart. So she leaves town and life goes on but does it?

Fast forward 12 years later,  they grow up and have legit careers, but it’s obvious that the love they had for each other remained constant.

Kay Shanee does a great job of making the reader care about their individual journeys, and not just the couple’s journey. Life, tragedy, betrayal, and secrets unfold as these two find their way back to each other.  Chapter 13 specifically will have you calling the fire department!

Baaaby…. you’ll want to sing, “Reunited and it feels so good!” (Some of y’all may be too young for that song…lol😏).  Myles says, “…I want twelve years’ worth of juice on my sh*t.” 🔥🔥

Another memorable chapter is chapter 14 which had me hollering!  Without giving much away, picture you and your girls rolling up on your soon-to-be-ex and catching him in the act. Now that was some funny ish!🤣  When Leigh FINALLY tells Myles what really happened all those years ago, Myles concocts a plan (remember he was a former hustler.)

No one messes with his Leigh!  Highly recommend…one-click now!

5 stars

-Blissful Bookworm



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